Character Name

Tibey Turagei by Jesster

Edge of the Empire

Threshold 11
Current 0
Threshold 13
Current 0
Ranged 0
Melee 0

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Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 0
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) 0
Computers (Int) X 1
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 0
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) X 4
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 1
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) X 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) 0
Vigilance (Will) X 0
Brawl (Br) 0
Gunnery (Ag) X 1
Melee (Br) 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 1
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) X 4
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Disorient 1, Knockdown, Stun Setting
H-7 "Equalizer" Blaster Pistol
Ranged: Light
Stun Setting, Superior, Accurate 2, "Bantha's Eye" Laser Sight (+1 advantage to successful check), Marked-Target Firing Lock (-1 setback, -1 threat),


Weapons & Armor

H-7 "Equalizer" Blaster Pistol
• "Bantha's Eye" Laser Sight
• Marked-Target Firing Lock, -1 threat mod
• Custom Grip, Quality (accurate 1) mod

Pit Crew Overalls

Personal Gear

VX-A Intelligent Toolbox
Mercantiler Datapad
Comlink (Handheld)
Weapon Maintainance Kit (H-7 Blaster Pistol)
"Breaker" Heavy Hydrospanner
Data Goggles
Extra Reload
Military Pack
Utility Belt

Assets & Resources

Downtime: 432 hours

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Book & Page Description
Dockyard Expetise 2 Fully Operational 30 The character may make an Average Knowledge (Education) check when at a dry dock with suitable personnel and equipment to conduct repairs to a starship, or to add attachments or modiflcations to one. If successful, the cost and time for repairs is reduced by 20% for each rank of Dockyard Expertise, to a minimurn of 100 credits and one day.
Eye for Detail 2 Fully Operational 30 After rolling the dice pool for a Mechanics or Computers check but before interpreting the results, the character may voluntarily suffer a number of strain no greater than ranks in Eye for Detail to convert that many successes Into advanages (The character must still have at least 1 success in the results at the end to succeed on the check.)
Creative Design 2 Fully Operational 30 As part of resolving a successful crafting check, the character may also apply a result equivalent to spending a number of successes equal to her ranks in Creative Design. The GM may then apply a result equivalent to spending that same number of threats.
Solid Repairs 2 EotE Core 143 The character repairs +1 hull trauma per rank of Solid Repairs whenever she repairs a vehicle or starship.
Fine Tuning 1 EotE Core 135 Whenever a character reduces the amount of strain a starship or vehicle suffers, she reduces one additional strain per rank of Fine Tuning.
Debilitating Shot AoR Core 145 Upon making a successful attack with a starship or vehicle weapon, may spend 2 advantages to reduce the maximum speed of the target by 1 (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the next round. If the starship or vehicle was traveling its maximum speed, it has its current speed reduced to the new maximum.
Known Schematic EotE Core 138 Once per game session, the character may spend a maneuver to make a Hard Knowledge (Education) check. Success means the character is familiar with a building or capital ship’s design. She now knows the location of critical components or facilities within the ship or vehicle, as well as his own location. She can also plan unconventional routes around onstacles. Additional Successes, Advantages, or Triumphs results can reveal other useful information at the GMs discretion.
Smart Handling Fully Operational 31 Once per session, while aboard a starship of silhouette 4 or higher, the character may take the Smart Handling action; making a Hard Knowledge (Education) check. If the check is successful, until the start of the next round, the ship's handling increases by two plus one per advantage scored on the check to a maximum handling of + 4. 1 triumph can be spent to extend the effect until the end of the encounter.
Push the Specs Fully Operational 31 The character may perform the Push the Specs action when in a starhip or vehicle, attempting an Average Knowledge (Education) check. If the character succeeds, the ship's top speed increases by one for a number of rounds equal to the character's Intellect. The character may spend 1 Advantage and have the ship suffer 2 system strain to extend this effect for an additional round, and may do so multiple times. The ship still cannot perform actions or maneuvers it couldn't perform normally (e.g, actions that have a minimum speed requirement).
Master Artisan Fully Operational 31 Once per round, the character may voluntarily suffer 2 strain to decrease the difficulty of her next Mechanics check (or his next check to build or mod an Item) by one, to a minimum of Easy.
Acute Senses (Chadra-Fan) Stay on Target 22 Chadra-Fan hearing, vision, and olfactory senses are all far superior to most humanoids. The remove up to 2 setback dice from their perception checks.
Dedication (Intellect) EotE Core 134 Each rank permanently increases a single characteristic of the player's choice by one point. This cannot bring a characteristic above six.


• Beginnings: Middle Class Struggles
• Reason for Adventure: Born Engineer

Tibey grew up on the smuggler's moon, Nar Shaddaa. Although many there were driven to the criminal lifestyle, Tibey was drawn to pursue other crafts. She was known to do small favors for a junkshop run by an old verpine mechanic. After a while, the verpine started letting her do some real work inside the shop. Tibey took to it all too naturally and devoured every bit of mechanical knowledge the verpine was able to teach her.

With all of the honest work Tibey was getting into, she soon forgot where she was. One day a group of ruffians came to the shop demanding protection payments. The old verpine wasn't able to pay what they asked for, so they trashed the shop and used him as a punching bag for a couple minutes. Tibey's mentor did not survive the beating, and the shop was forced to close.

Desperate to continue her work, but with no means to do so, Tibey sought out one of the local hutts. On planets like these, there were no other ways to get your start, so she took out a loan against her better judgment. A small mention of a later favor came with the deal of the loan's repayment, but the hutt never told her exactly what it would be.


Innovation: Invention


• Debt 10: Hutt Cartel
• Favor 10: Hutt Cartel


Other Notes

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