Character Name

Milherex Markados by Atlas

Force and Destiny

Threshold 16
Current 0
Threshold 13
Current 0
Ranged 0
Melee 0




Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 1
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) X 2
Computers (Int) 0
Cool (Pr) X 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 0
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) 0
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 1
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) X 1
Survival (Cun) X 1
Vigilance (Will) 0
Brawl (Br) X 1
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Lightsaber (Br) 0
Melee (Br) X 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 0
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Pierce 1, Vicious 1


Weapons & Armor

Vibroknuckler - Starting Weapon
Jedi Training Suit - Starting Armor

Personal Gear

Comm Link - Purchased
Climbing Gear - Purchased
Backpack - General Starting
Jedi Utility Belt - General Starting
Thermal Cloak - Purchased
Stimpack x2 - General Starting

Assets & Resources

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Book & Page Description
Toughened FND Core PG 153 +2 Wound Threshold

Force Powers

Force Rating
When making Athletics Check, the Force user may roll an Enhance power check as part of the pool. The user may spend Pips to gain successes or advantages.
Upgrade Effect
Control: Resilience Enhance can be used with Resilience Skill.
Control: Brawl Enhance can be used with Brawl Skill.


Milherex Markados
1- How did you discover your force sensitivity? In the heat of battle, he could feel himself being able to tap into a power he couldn’t understand lying dormant within himself. He would discover that was the force later in life.
2- Describe a moment where you fell prey to your moral weakness or experienced a tragedy/horror that still haunts you. Milherex gave into his anger over his father’s abandonment and the suffering he caused his family and killed him. His mother would then resent what Milherex did and disowned him. He still looks to redeem himself to his family.
3- How did you come to join the NJO? After seeing Milherex compete in the arena, a patron negotiated for Milherex’s freedom. That person turned out to be a NJO Master in search of recruits, or who had at least felt was guided to Milherex by the Force. The master took Milherex back to NJO to train him.
4- Name one NPC your character has a strong connection with. This could be a family member, a friend, a work contact, or a bitter rival. Gorga the Hutt is the chief antagonist in Milherex’s life. After not wanting to let his prized pet leave, Gorga might want to reacquire Milherex in the future. Also his mother, Iraleth, whom Milherex still holds in high regard as he wants to make sure she is safe in with her new found freedom.

Milherex was born into slavery. A powerful Desilijic Hutt by the name of Gorga4 owned him and his family. His mother, Iraleth4, struggled to dig herself out of a gambling debt thrust upon the both of them by his father. His mother would only curse his father’s name after each day she returned from the spice mines, strung out and exhausted. As he grew older, his resentment for his father only grew, and under the harsh servitude of a Hutt, so did his anger. Soon enough, his temper got him in trouble with Gorga’s enforcers. After an arrogant and violent display of defiance, the thugs brought Milherex before the slimy, corpulent Hutt. Enthused with his moxie, he decided to punish him by using him as fodder in his underground brawling arena.
Despite his temperamental attitude, he had very little experience in a fight. He would rely on his fearsome countenance and demeanor to avoid most confrontations before they began. Here, in a gladiatorial ring, he was out of his element. He was thrown into the arena alongside a myriad of drudges of society. After a savage beating from all the drudges in contest with one another, Milherex emerged the victory, much to his surprise. Even more to his surprise, winning felt good. Gorga was impressed with her performance. A year later in the arena, Milherex became one of Gorgas top gladiators. His climb in the arena was a phenomenon Milherex couldn’t explain. In the heat of battle, he could almost feel his opponents’ moves before they make them. No matter the odds, he found a deeper well of strength that helped him pull through.1 He attributed these feats of strength to his natural gifts for battle. As he rose in the ranks, he was able to barter for his mother’s freedom, but at great cost.
Gorga was unwilling to let one of his prized fighters to become a free agent. Deep down, Milherex didn’t want to leave either. The Hutt promised him his mother’s freedom, if he could bring down one final challenger. For his mother, there would be nothing standing in his way. As he stood at the far end of the dirty, bloodstained arena, the gate opened. Beyond, two large gamorreans tossed in an unkempt spacer in a smugglers trench coat. The man, a Zabrack, had a striking resemblance to himself. He knew then, in his heart, that this person could be none other than his father. It was then that Gorga’s guttural voice came on the loud speaker. He spoke of the smugglers crimes against him, and that he demanded the scum be punished. Milherex’s father begged and pleaded for his life. He opened old wounds. Playing the sympathy card, trying to bring up every excuse he could to explain the debt, his mother’s suffering, leaving her with child. Milherex had none of it. He felt the anger build up inside him to heights he had never felt before, and drew down every ounce of strength ending his miserable life.2
The fight ended quickly, Milherex was called to Gorgas throne room. As he entered the room, Gorga is in a heated debate with another hooded figure that stood before him. Gorga the Hutt was as riled up as a bull Ronto. Upon seeing Milherex, Gorga calmed himself, but he was still seething. He told Milherex that his contract was transferred to the hooded gentleman. His mother would be freed, as promised, but he now belonged to a new master. In time, he learned that this master was a member of the New Jedi Order who had been watching him for quite some time. The master chose to free Milherex so he may save him from the lure of the Dark Side.3


Cause - Help the Helpless - As a former slave himself, Milherex dedicates himself to helping out those who are being unfairly subjugated by another power.
Relationship - Parents - Though his mother abhors Milherex's brutal actions against his father, he still tries to mend the ties and keep her safe and secure from those who would do her harm by sending her support when needed.


Strength - Assertiveness - Milherex was born in a world where might makes right and the loudest voice is listened too. He uses those harsh lessons to assert his opinions on the situation at hand and what course of action to take, not one to be silenced.
Weakness - Anger - His harsh upbringing and disdain for his former life has led to him having a permanent chip on his shoulder.


Milherex is a male in his mid twenties with a lean physique. His skin is a black skinned Zabrack with cuts and scars dotting his body and hands. He has no facial tattoos, as he was removed from his true heritage and culture whilst enslaved. He is often seen bearing his common street clothing mostly consisting of dark colored pants and a sleeveless shirt.

Other Notes

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