Character Name

Enan Harrone by kymrel

Protector, Niman Disciple
Force and Destiny

Threshold 17
Current 0
Threshold 14
Current 0
Ranged 0
Melee 0

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Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 1
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) 0
Computers (Int) 0
Cool (Pr) X 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) X 0
Leadership (Pr) X 0
Mechanics (Int) 0
Medicine (Int) X 1
Negotiation (Pr) X 0
Perception (Cun) 0
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) 0
Resilience (Br) X 1
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) 1
Vigilance (Will) X 0
Brawl (Br) X 1
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Lightsaber (Will) X 1
Melee (Br) X 1
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 0
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Disorient 1, Knockdown
+0 (3)
Pierce 1, Vicious 1
+1 (4)
Lightsaber (Training Emitter) - Blue Blade
Stun Damage only
Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 2
+2 (5)
Pierce 2, Vicious 1
+1 (4)


Weapons & Armor

- Vibrosword (Custom Grip*, Serrated Edge**)
- Vibroknucklers (1 setback to notice when hidden)
- Padded Armor (Soak 2)

*Removes 1 Setback Die (1 Mod to make Accurate 1)

**Vicious +1

Personal Gear

Padded Armor [0 Enc when worn]

Load-Bearing Gear [+3 Enc]
- Vibrosword [3 Enc]
- Vibroknife [1 Enc]
Utility Belt [+1 Enc]
- 3x Stimpack [0 Enc]
- Comlink, handheld [0 Enc]
- Scanner Goggles [0 Enc]
- Vibroknucklers [1 Enc]

Military Belt Pouch
-2 Stimpack [0 Enc]

Backpack [+4 Enc]
- Emergency Medpack [1 Enc]
- Breath Mask [Enc 1]
- Climbing Gear [1 Enc]
- Datapad [1 Enc]
- Parts to mod Custom Grip [0 Enc]

Assets & Resources

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Book & Page Description
Toughened 2 ranks (5xp+5xp) F&D 76 - Protector +2 Wounds per rank (2).
Grit 1 rank (5xp) F&D 76 - Protector +1 Strain per rank (1).
Body Guard (5xp) F&D 76 - Protector Body guard maneuver, 1 strain to upgrade attack on engaged friend.
Physician 1 rank (10xp) F&D 76 - Protector When using Medicine to heal wound, heal 1 additional strain per rank (1).
Nobody's Fool 1 rank (5xp) F&D 76 - Niman Disciple Upgrade difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion or Deception once per rank (1).
Niman Disciple (10xp) F&D 76 - Niman Disciple May use Willpower rather than Brawn when making a Lightsaber skill check.
Parry 1 rank (5xp) F&D 76 - Niman Disciple When hit by a melee attack may suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2+Rank [3 currently].
Reflect 1 rank (5xp) F&D 76 - Niman Disciple When hit by a ranged attack may suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2+Rank [3 currently].

Force Powers

Force Rating
Enhance (10xp)
Use Enhance Power Check as part of Athletics pool using ◐ as hits or advantages.
Upgrade Effect
Control (5xp) Enhance can be used with the Resilience skill
Control (5xp) Enhance can be used with the Brawl skill
Control (10xp) Ongoing effect: Commit [F] to increase Brawn by 1
Move (5xp)
Spend ◐ to move one sil 0 object within short range to maximum range (short range).
Upgrade Effect
Sense (5xp)
Spend ◐ to sense all living things within short range. Spend ◐ to sense current emotional state of one engaged target.
Upgrade Effect


Enan Harrone was borne on the Iridonian colony world of Feldrona just over 21 years ago. His family used to be proud of the fact that the force ran strong in the family, and that the brother of his grandfather, Darro Harrone, was a Jedi Knight. Darro had his fill of war after serving as a general in the Clone Wars, and when age finally caught up with him and he was horribly wounded in battle the Jedi order approved his request to be allowed to retire. His injuries were severe and he was not expected to live long.

After retiring from active service Darro headed back to the roots and before the end he reconnected with his family. His brother had passed away but he found that his brother had several children, and many grand-children. Darro took great delight in becoming a part of the family again after all those years.

Darro did not keep in contact with the Jedi order, but he felt a great disturbance in the force when the infamous Order 66 was given and the clones turned on the Jedi.

Darro had noticed the potential in the young Enan, and early on determined that he was force-sensitive. He was disillusioned with the Jedi order at the time and decided not to send the boy to Coruscant to be trained. Instead he taught the boy some of the things he thought the young boy was ready to learn himself.

Like many young Zabrak, Enan was considered quite hotheaded and belligerent, which bothered the old Darro, since he knew how hard it could be for an irrational and angry youth to resist being seduced by the dark side. Darro tried his best to teach the young boy discipline, but it was not until he started training the boy in the Tae-Jitsu martial art that the young Zabrak started showing self-control and restraint.

Darro did not teach his young charge much about the Jedi, and his training was far from as intense as the training Jedi Padawans received. He determined that the force was fairly strong with young Enan. He had left his old lightsaber behind in the Jedi Temple when he left the Jedi order, and did not teach his pupil how to create one. Instead he trained Enan with traditional Zabrak swords and pikes, trying to teach him how to use the weapons in something simulating the Soresu-style, which he felt was the best style to protect the user and others.

As time passed Enan developed into a fine young Zabrak. When he was 12 years old Darro passed away peacefully in his sleep. At first Enan kept up with his training, but soon began to feel more and more lost without the guidance of the old Zabrak. When a young Gran scholar by the name of Gurian came to Feldrona seven years later looking for the Jedi Knight Enan's interest in the Force and his potential was rekindled.

Gurian was horrified with how the Jedi order had been vilified and was looking for information and people that could help him document the story and tell him the truth. His enthusiasm rekindled some longing in Enan to know more about his mentor and the Jedi order, and in the end he traveled from Feldrona with the scholar, vowing to keep him safe in his dangerous line of work.

The pair traveled around a bit in Gurian's banged-up old HWK-290 freighter, until one day when they were nosing around on Corellia, asking questions and looking for data. Gurian went out on his own to meet with a contact and never returned to their rented apartment. Enan went looking for him and found police investigating how Gurian fell to his death from the edge of a busy city street. After a cursory investigation the authorities claimed his death was an accident but Enan found that hard to belief.

When Enan returned to Gurian's ship, he was expecting an ambush. He welcomed it. Someone had killed his friend, and that someone would likely come for him in the private docking area where the beat-up old freighter waited. Enan had never been one for subterfuge. He was angry at himself for letting his friend get killed, and furious at who ever had killed him.

He stalked angrily towards the ship, ready to draw his sword and fight his way out of any ambush. When he opened the door into the massive hangar, housing several privately owned ships, he realized that he had made a horrible mistake when over ten storm troopers stepped into view, blaster rifles leveled at the angry Zabrak.

Expecting them to gun him down regardless of what he did, Enan drew his sword and shouted at the troopers to do it. They held their fire. The door behind Enan opened, and in walked a man dressed in black robes, accompanied by even more storm troopers. He told Enan that he had a vested interest in taking him alive, and offered him to surrender peacefully.

Enan had different plans. With a furious shout he vaulted over a crate of trade goods, intent on skewering the man in black before the troopers could blast him into charred chunks of meat. If he could only take the man in black with him he would die happy.

He never got that far. His target retreated quickly, allowing his storm troopers to intercept the enraged Zabrak. His vibrosword clove first one and then another trooper down before the rest of the storm troopers opened fire. Enan didn't stand a chance, and as he went down he saw the man in the black robes smile cruelly.

Enan was not granted the death he expected, and awoke in a prison cell. He surmised that he was on board a starship, and a large one if the engine sound was anything to go by. He heard a medical droid explain to a couple of storm troopers that he had a mild concussion but would be fine after a good night’s rest, and realized that the storm troopers had shot him with their weapons on a stun-setting. The droid and troopers then left the cell.

As the door closed Enan was left alone with his thoughts. And his thoughts told him that he had probably been wrong. About great many things. Fearing escape was impossible he tried his best to remain calm, sitting cross-legged in his cell like his uncle had taught him, trying to calm his thoughts.


Ambition: Become a Jedi Knight

Enan is determined to become a Jedi Knight like his old mentor, and to restore the order to it's proper place.


Morality: 45

Current Conflict: 0

Emotional Strength: Bravery
Emotional Weakness: Anger

Never slow to put his life on the line, Enan is compassionate about keeping his weaker allies safe, no matter the personal cost to himself. Enan is most prone to anger when his companions are put at risk when he feels that he could conceivably have saved them. Or that he should have been able to save them. His former mentor tried to teach him to let go of his rage, but he is having a hard time doing that.


Enan Harrone is a young Zabrak with light-brown skin and a crown of slightly darker brown horns on his head. Enan is of average height, 176 cm tall with athletic build. He has a dark reddish-brown skin and has symmetrical geometric facial tattoos on his face that make him look fearsome even those not familiar with Zabrak culture. Those familiar with Zabraks might know that the tattoos mark him as a practicioner of Tae-Jitsu, a Zabrak martial art.

Other Notes

Starting XP for Zabrak: 100

-Brawn 3 @ 30
_Intellect 3 @ 30

-Toughened @ 5
-Body Guard @ 5

Force Powers:
-Enhance (Basic power) @ 10
-Enhance (Control Resilience) @ 5
-Enhance (Control Brawl) @ 5
-Enhance (Control Brawn) @ 10

-Athletics (Specialization)
-Brawl (Career)
-Medicine (Specialization)
-Melee (Career)
-Resilience (Career)
-Survival (Zabrak)

Starting option: Morality 50 and 2500 credits

Padded Armor @ 500 
Vibrosword @ 750 
Custom Grip @ 500
Serrated Edge @ 50
Vibroknucklers @ 350 
Utility Belt @ 25 
5x Stimpack @ 125 
Military Belt Pouch @ 10 
Load-Bearing Gear @ 100
Comlink, handheld @ 25 
Backpack @ 50 
Breath Mask @ 25 
Emergency Medpack @ 100 
Field Ration Pack @ 10 
Climbing Gear @ 50 
Datapad @ 75 
Scanner Goggles @ 150 
Parts to mod Custom Grip @ 100
__Total 2995 credits

End of chapter 1 6/8 2016:
- Free Lightsaber Specialization: Niman Disciple
- Free Talent: Nobody's Fool
- Free Talent: Niman Disciple
- Free Force Power: Move
- Skill: Lightsaber 1 rank @ 5
- Force Power: Sense basic @ 5
- Talent: Physician @ 10
- Talent: Toughened @ 5
- Talent: Grit @ 5
- Talent: Parry @ 5
- Talent: Reflect @ 5

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