Character Name

Travis Reiner III by kymrel

Bounty Hunter
Edge of the Empire

Threshold 14
Current 0
Threshold 12
Current 2
Ranged 0
Melee 0

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Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 0
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) X 0
Computers (Int) 1
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 0
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) X 1
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 1
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) X 1
Piloting: Space (Ag) X 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) X 0
Survival (Cun) 0
Vigilance (Will) X 1
Brawl (Br) X 0
Gunnery (Ag) 1
Melee (Br) 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 1
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) X 1
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster Pistol
Ranged: Light
Quick-Draw, Stun Setting
Ranged: Light
Ensnare 3, Knockdown, Limited Ammo 1


Weapons & Armor

Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster Pistol (3/4 HP used, Jury Rigging used to reduce critical by 1)
- Blaster Actuating Module (+1 dmg, 1 setback)
- Custom Grip (Removes 1 setback)
- Magnetic Weapon Tether (Recover weapon, 1 Quick-Draw Mod installed)


Riot Armor (Soak 2, 0/2 HP used)

Personal Gear

Riot Armor [Enc 3, 1 when worn]

Load-Bearing Gear [Enc +3]
- Bolas - [Enc 0.3]
- Merr-Sonn Blaster Pistol [Enc 1]
- Extra Reload [Enc 1]
- Scanner Goggles [Enc 0]
- Datapad [Enc 1]

Utility Belt [Enc +1]
- Comlink [Enc 0]
- Stimpack x1 [Enc 0]
- Field Rations Pills (1 week) [Enc 0]
- Bolas [Enc 1]
- Binders [Enc 0]
- Macrobinoculars [Enc 1]
- Emergency Medpac [Enc 1]

Military Belt Pouch
- Stimpack x2 [Enc 0]

Military Belt Pouch
- Stimpack x2 [Enc 0]

Assets & Resources

Advance 1562

Stowed on ship:

Imperial Army Military Pack [Enc +6]
- Toolkit [Enc 3]
- Weapon Maintenance Kit (Blasters) [Enc 2]
- Slicer Gear [Enc 2]
- Parts to mod gear x1

5P7-1C3 - Splice - Medical/Astrogation Droid

Critical Injuries & Conditions

Stimpacks used today: 0/5

Duty triggered: Yes, lower Strain by 2


Name Book & Page Description
Toughened (5xp) EotE Core p145 Gain +2 Wounds Threshold per rank (1).
Jury Rigged (10xp) EotE Core p138 Merr-Sonn Blaster Pistol has critical rating lowered by 1.


As the only son of Travis Reiner II and his wife, Edne, Travis the third was always destined to have a comfortable life in the bright center of the Galaxy. Born and raised on Coruscant, it became apparent early on that the young boy was gifted, both mentally and physically. That in itself would have made his parents proud and happy, but the way he chose to use his natural talents did not.

At the tender age of 12, Travis jr. stole his first speeder bike and took it for a wild ride through the sidewalks and no-vehicle zones of Coruscant on a warm summer night. This was the start of his love affair with fast vehicles and love of new and interesting places, both of which would follow him through his life.

His parents tried everything. They tried to separate him from his friends, moving to a different area on Coruscant. When he was 15 they even tried giving him a speeder bike with restricted speed and handling. That gave them a week of peace, which ended after Travis managed to modify the speeder bike to bypass the restrictions and install a second power generator.

Travis rarely got into much trouble with the law after getting his own speeder bike, but he did manage to break several bones in a few bad crashes, causing his parents constant anxiety when he was out on his most recent speeder bike.

His parents were pleasantly surprised when Travis didn’t protest when they signed him up for the Caridan Military Academy. For him that was a necessary evil he would have to endure in order to join the Imperial Navy. And joining the Navy was all he wanted to do. To travel the Galaxy on board the most advanced starships ever produced sounded like a dream come through for the young hell raiser.

If his parents had hoped their son would calm down once he was in Caridia, they were bitterly disappointed. Travis didn’t really fit into the crowd of rich scions of wealthy families, despite being one himself. He got into fights constantly, broke curfew on a regular basis and even stole Academy property on more than one occasion when he borrowed speeders to see more of the planet.

Due to this his graduation was delayed for a year, and a worse punishment was hard to imagine for the young man who really just wanted to join the Navy and see the Galaxy. He did calm down a bit during his fourth and final year in the Academy, mostly so that he would be able to graduate.

After graduation he joined the Imperial Navy as an Ensign on the aging Victory I-Class Star Destroyer the Ravager. The ship was part of a sector force in the Outer Rim, where it patrolled looking for pirates and smugglers and “showing the Imperial flag” as her captain, Omal Renn, put it.

After two years, Travis was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and transferred to the Nebulon-B escort frigate The Relentless Fury, captained by Devon Pral-Fores. There he got reacquainted with an old friend from the Caridan Military Academy, Avers Coll. The two men renewed their friendship and both served on the bridge of the frigate, tasked with escorting freighters through pirate-infested space lanes out on the Mid and Outer Rim.

When the frigate was ambushed by a large force of Pirates, who had banded together to spring a pirate captain The Relentless Fury was transporting back to civilization to face trial, Travis and Avers were instrumental in the Imperial victory. Avers commanded the Fury’s fighter wing as it engaged the enemy bombers to keep them off the ship, and Travis directed the bombardment of the ship’s capital weapons with devastating effect, coordinating the fire with the action of the fighters for maximum efficiency.

Both men were promoted to full Lieutenant following the action. Talk on board the frigate was that they would probably be transferred to a better post after the tour of duty on board The Relentless Fury.

Travis had known about Avers’ spice problem for a while, at that time. Avers always brushed aside any concern, saying his dependence on the boosting drugs was exaggerated, and that the drugs had been prescribed to him by the Navy doctor back on the ship’s home world, Ord Mantel. Travis was worried about his friend, but loyal to a fault, so he never told anybody of Avers’ drug use. He tried to get his friend to reduce his intake, and to stop using spice altogether, but without success.

All that changed when Avers caused the death of eight crewmen, landing the frigate’s shuttle in a hangar full of refueling TIE-fighters instead of the smaller hangar where the shuttle was supposed to land. At the time, Avers hadn’t slept for several days and had been using the spice constantly.

Knowing what the inquiry would find once they tested his friend, Travis came forward and told the truth. His hope was that he would share some of the blame for what had happened by not telling his superiors about the young man’s drug problems. The results were not what he’d expected.

Captain Devon Pral-Fores only submitted a part of Travis’ testimony to the official records. Only that he had noticed Avers was using drugs at the day of the accident. He told Travis, after the fact, that he didn’t want the incident to damage the promising career of two of his best officers. Avers’ career was already over, and losing Travis as well would not help anyone.

Avers was dishonorably discharged from the Imperial Navy and sentenced to ten years of hard labor for the involuntary manslaughter. The crew whispered that only someone with his rich and influential family could have gotten off so easily, and that he would probably never have to serve but a part of his sentence. Travis sent a message to his friend after the military tribunal, but was informed that Avers never watched the message, and that his former friend blamed Travis for telling the brass about his spice-habit.

Travis’ career wasn’t tainted by the accident, but he was transferred off The Relentless Fury shortly after to an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, The Impervious. His superiors called it a promotion, but Travis knew his captain wanted to keep him away from the crew of the Fury to stop any gossip about the accident.

Travis found his duties on his new ship pleasant enough, although the much larger ship had a much different role to that of the smaller escort frigate he was stationed on previously. Whereas the frigate had mostly been used to combat piracy, The Impervious was used to quell uprisings and support ground offensives on planets that resisted Imperial rule. During his year on board the vessel, it took part in three different campaigns on three different planets where entire cities were leveled from orbit.

Travis felt nothing but disgust over the overly brutal tactics, and could not emphasize with the reasons given by the command staff. The anti-alien sentiment that was rampant on board made him sick. He thought about defecting, but decided he couldn’t do that to his family. But at the end of this tour of duty he resigned his commission and left the navy.

At first his parents and friends on Coruscant rejoiced, hoping he’d return to settle down. And for about a month, so did he. But when he returned to Coruscant he found that the people had changed. The rampant anti-alien speciesism established by the Empire had devastated the alien population on the planet, with sabotage against alien-run businesses and harassment of minorities becoming increasingly common.

After a month, Travis withdrew a large amount of credits from a savings account his father had set up for him to buy an apartment on Coruscant and bought a brand new MC-18 Light Freighter. When he told his parents he intended to travel the Galaxy, his parents tried everything to change his mind. Nothing worked. When Travis said goodbye to his parents, his father told him that if he left he would disown him, cutting him off from all his accounts, leaving him penniless. Travis shrugged and left. He would make his own way in the Galaxy from now on.

For a few months, that’s exactly what he did. He took his beautiful MC-18, the Nerona Sunrise, into Hutt space, curious about all the stories he had heard about the Hutts and the criminal element he could never see properly as a Navy officer. For a while, everything was good. He saw interesting places, took on passengers every once in a while. Some of them even payed for the fare. And then he started running low on spending cash for fuel, food, docking fees and entertainment.

At first, Travis tried to increase the number of passengers, but found himself becoming bored with the destinations they wanted to travel to. And one day, everything changed. He saw a Remoneta Fi’elan, a noted Togruta pirate captain working her way through the orbital space station in orbit around the smuggler’s moon, Nar Shaddaa, where his ship was berthed, as if looking for something. A plan started forming in Travis’ head. He would capture the pirate and turn her in to the Empire for a sizable bounty.

He returned to his ship to get his armor and other gear, only to find a stowaway raiding his pantry. The woman, a Zeltron by the name of Tyleah Orr, offered him money to get her off world, and that it had to happen right that moment. Putting two and two together, Travis realized the pirate had to be after the girl. He convinced her to play bait to allow him to capture the pirate, and she agreed hesitantly.

The plan worked surprisingly well. The pirate captain and her men had split up to cover the area, and through a little creative slicing of the station’s security system, Travis was able to lay an ambush, using the Zeltron as bait. The trap worked and he managed to shoot the Togruta Pirate several times with his blaster set on stun, and drag her into his ship before she recovered.

Once he was off the station, Travis contacted an old friend, Lieutenant Commander Yolara. Yolara, an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau, helped him secure a temporary bounty hunting license, allowing him to bring in the pirate at the closest Imperial garrison and claim a rather substantial bounty for her capture.

Travis then used some of the proceeds to get a permanent bounty hunter license, reasoning that this was a good way to get some excitement, see new and interesting people and earn credits doing so. He and Tyleah decided to try working together so they got her a license as well.

For the next two years, Travis took on mostly small bounties from local authorities with his new Zeltron partner. Sometimes they worked alone, but as time passed, he found it valuable to take on a small crew to maintain and man the ship and to help him track down and take on more valuable targets.

During this time, he always had strict principles. He would not get involved in the Empire’s persecution of Aliens or political opponents. Legitimate criminals he was happy chasing down and returning to the Empire, but suspected rebels, dissidents, suspected Jedi in hiding and others similar he would not hunt.

In one of his more memorable hunts, Travis and his crew pursued a target that managed to crash his ship badly trying to flee from the bounty hunters. Travis and the others went through the wreck, looking for survivors, but found none alive. They did bring back two severely damaged droids, one surgical unit and one R2 Astromech. The two droids turned out to be too damaged to repair, with crucial parts destroyed on both. Just not the same parts on either.

Over the next months, Travis spent his free time repairing the medical droid, using a copious amount of parts from the astromech, including the barrel-torso. Since the torso had the computer link and tools installed, he decided to try to splice some of the skill-based memory from the astromech into the operating unit of the medical droid. The result could be considered a success. From a certain point of view.

The droid functioned, up to a point, and was invaluable in maintaining the ship and working computers when needed. He also retained his medical skills, which the bounty hunters found most valuable. The unit was plagued by quirks, however, the most annoying of which was the fact that it appeared to have two different personalities, one linked to the surgical droid and the other that of the old R2 unit.

Things came to a head two years later. Unknown to Travis, the Togruta pirate he apprehended two years earlier, Remoneta Fi’elan, had escaped from the penal colony she had been sent to. Her first order of business was vengeance. And since he didn’t know she was coming, Travis was at a disadvantage.

They came for him as he was returning to his beloved ship on Rorak IV with a couple of locals he had just hired to help him with a dangerous local target he was planning to chase down. In the ensuing shootout, both of his new crewmen got killed, and he was badly wounded but managed to get back to his ship. The ship managed to get to orbit, but the pirates were waiting for them on two gunships.

The Nerona Sunrise never stood a chance. They fought back, trying to get out of the planet’s gravity well to jump to hyperspace, but to no avail. The enemy gunships shredded the beautiful Mon-Calamari freighter mercilessly. The engines failed, and the pilot had no choice but to try to land on Rorak IV. The ship went down, and was very badly damaged in the crash. Travis and the rest of the crew had to flee the crash site to get away from the pirates, leaving the smoldering wreck behind.

The bounty hunters were aided in their escape from the planet by a local girl, a Pantoran by the name of Rosena Mortimore. She agreed to help them hide from their pursuers, if they took her with them off-world. Travis agreed, and spent what little cash he had on him to secure a passage to Nar Shaddaa with freighter captain Rosena got them into contact with.

With few credits and no real prospects of earning cash without a ship, Travis considered looking for a mark that happened to have a ship he could confiscate, but realized that was easier said than done on the Smuggler’s Moon. In the end he swallowed his pride and realized he would have to borrow credits for a new ship in order to continue working and traveling the Galaxy.

He tried several loan-sharks but found nobody willing to lend him the cash needed. In the end he did what he had sworn not to do. He went to ask a Hutt for a loan. Travis and his crew got an audience with Jergel the Hutt, a rising star in the Dejeremet-Kajidic. At first, the Hutt seemed interested, but when Travis returned a week later to finalize the arrangement, the large Hutt took a different tone.

The Hutt had done his homework and investigated Travis’ background. Something in the man’s past made him wary of trusting him with that many credits, and he had in fact determined that it might serve his interests best to sell the former Imperial out to Remoneta Fi’elan, the Togruta pirate who was still out for vengeance.

Fortunately for Travis, Rosena was able to talk the Hutt out of that idea, and even managed to secure the loan needed. The only caveat the Hutt added was that he wasn’t just lending Travis the credits. He was lending the entire crew the credits to buy a new ship. And each and every one of them would owe him. Meaning it was in everyone’s best interest to keep the payments coming, because otherwise he would not just be sending someone to get their captain, but to collect from all of them.

Travis found himself forced to take the deal. He got his new ship, but like the rest of his crew he felt the presence of the Hutt, looking over their shoulders.


Motivation: Wanderlust

Travis' has never been happy staying in one place too long. Always "borrowing" speeders and shuttles to go somewhere he's never been before, always ready to try out new things. This was, of course, terribly embarrassing to his parents, who hoped the discipline in the Navy would calm him down. It didn't. He still prefers to travel the Galaxy, seeing new and interesting worlds and meeting species he's never encountered before. After more than a few days planetbound he gets the jitters and will do his best to get back out to space.


Debt for ship - 5 point obligation.
Mutual debt held by some, or all of the characters. Details to follow.

Family - 5 point obligation
The Reiner-family is part of the old Corellian upper class. His parents, Travis Reiner II and his wife, Edne, wanted nothing but the best for their only son. He received stellar education and, like his father, joined the Navy when he was of age, after graduating from the Caridan Military Academy. Even after disowning their son and cutting off all ties with him, his parents still haven't lost hope that he'll come around, stop sowing his wild oats and make his parents proud again. Or at least stop damaging their good name.

Betrayal - 5 point obligation
Travis' best friend on board the frigate The Relentless Fury was Lieutenant Avers Coll. They graduated together from the Caridan Military Academy, although they were not more than acquaintances there. That changed when they were assigned to the same vessel, where the two men became best friends. Travis gradually became aware of the fact that Avers was addicted to spice, but his friend claimed it was prescribed to him by the medical staff and Travis turned a blind eye. He tried to get his friend to stop but failed. It was only after a shuttle accident caused by Avers where eight people got killed that Travis came clean to their superiors, telling them about his friend's spice habit and that Avers was responsible for the accident. He did so only because he felt guilty over the crewmen and troops killed in the accident, feeling that he let them down by covering for his friend. Avers got dishonorably discharged from the Navy and sentenced to ten years of hard labor for involuntary manslaughter. He never forgave his friend for "selling him out".

Enemy - 5 point obligation
At the start of his career as a bounty hunter, Travis apprehended and turned in the notorious Togruta pirate captain Remoneta Fi’elan. When her crew sprung her out of the penal colony she was serving out her sentence on, almost two years later, she came for Travis, eager for vengeance. Her pirates nearly killed Travis, and destroyed his beloved ship, but didn't quite manage to kill Travis. He is certain they'll be back one day.


Captain Omal Ren

Description: Human male in his late forties. Large man with blonde hair and bushy mustache who has given up trying to keep in shape and dresses sloppily.

Location: Captains the Victory I-Class Star Destroyer the Ravager, currently on patrol on the Outer Rim.

Organization: Imperial Navy.

Threatens/Supports: Threatens anyone involved in an illicit trade close to his patrol rout. Supports anyone who is willing to cut him in on the action, a man has to have a retirement fund. Supports the rule of law, although often in name only.

What he can do: Captain Ren might be in command of an obsolete warship, but his ship is still more powerful than anything most pirate gangs can get their hands on, and with the fighters the ship carries it is able to operate alone. The captain has been known to apply pressure on innocents in order to solicit funds, and to go far out of his patrol area to strike targets where he can expect spoils of war.

What he needs: Credits, most of all, or information on rich pirate gangs he can raid for profit.

Relationship with the PCs: Travis served on board his vessel as a fresh-faced Ensign at the start of his career.


Captain Devon Pral-Fores

Description: Human male in his thirties. Short man of great intellect who dresses smartly in a freshly pressed uniform.

Location: Captains the Nebulon-B escort frigate The Relentless Fury, tasked mostly with escort duty of merchant freighters in pirate-infested areas of space.

Organization: Imperial Navy.

Threatens/Supports: Threatens pirates, rebels and other enemies of the Empire, which he will fanatically defend. Supports loyal Imperials and humans that have shown themselves to be law-abiding citizens.

What he can do: As the captain of a powerful rapid-response ship he will happily chase down pirates, smugglers and other who break Imperial law. He will not bother with any small local issues, since he beliefs the Empire should focus on the bigger issues, leaving small local matters to individual systems.

What he needs: Success chasing down the enemies of the Empire and with it renown within the Navy. He wants to command a brand new Star Destroyer one day.

Relationship with the PCs: Travis served on his ship for much of his career, and Captain Pral-Fores took it upon himself to save Travis from damaging his own career when his friend Avers was dishonorably discharged.


Avers Coll

Description: Human male, aged 28, tall and lanky wearing clothes that never seem to fit just right.

Location: In an Imperial penal colony somewhere, with his family working hard to have his stay there as short as possible.

Organization: Formerly a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, now a free agent.

Threatens/Supports: Hates his former friend Travis, who he thinks betrayed him and caused him to be dishonorably discharged from the Navy and sentenced to serve a term in a labor camp. Supports mostly spice-dealers with his habit.

What he can do: While he remains a guest of the Imperial Penal System there isn’t much he can do, unless he has friends of his try to track Travis down. After his release he might just go home and forget about this dark chapter in his life. Or he might decide to seek revenge.

What he needs: Freedom from prison, mostly. And then possibly revenge against his old friend. Unless prison has changed him and he decides to find his old friend and forgive him.

Relationship with the PCs: Served with Travis in the Imperial Navy, and feels he was betrayed by his former friend.


Remoneta Fi’elan

Description: A fifty-something Togruta female with rust-red skin and white-striped Montrals and lekku. She tends to dress in practical clothing or armor when expecting trouble and carries a massive blaster pistol and a nasty vibro-knife.

Location: She operates mostly in and around Hutt-space.

Organization: Remoneta Fi’elan leads the Bloody Keel pirate group.

Threatens/Supports: Honest merchants and freighter captains as well as smugglers who don’t pay the right Hutts protection fee. She supports one of the stronger Hutt Kajidic and pays a percentage of her profits to get a safe haven and freedom to operate in and around Hutt space.

What she can do: Engage in piracy, buy and sell stolen cargo.

What she needs: Credits and notoriety, and not in that order. She also needs a small device stolen from her by Tyleah Orr, for an unknown reason. She also wants revenge against Travis for capturing her in a humiliating fashion, causing her to serve a stint in an Imperial prison until her pirate gang could spring her free.

Relationship with the PCs: She wants to capture Tyleah Orr and recover what she stole, and she really wants to see Travis dead.



Description: Even people looking for starship or speeder rapair are unlikely to stop at Mettar’s. For starters, apart from the humongous doors that can be used to get small starship into the large, hangar-like space inside, there is nothing really that tells people what goes on inside the building. Even the name of the place is only on a small plaque on the door. But people who know about the place know that inside they can find experts on starship, speeder and racing pod repair and modification. The place is usually packed not only with the numerous staff, but also with racing enthusiasts discussing the newest modification or the results of the latest races.

Location: Nar Shaddaa, Sector 84, sub-level 11

Faces: Unior Mettar, the Herglic male owner

Why come here: For news about racing, for vehicle repair or modification, or advice on how to do work yourself.

What is a common smell or sound here: The smell of grease, lacquer and industrial-strength cleansers permeates the place. The sounds of various tools operating on ships, speeders and other vehicles is only interrupted by people talking about various vehicles.

What actions do you receive boost dice to: Streetwise checks for gossip on racing anything fast, starships, speeders, speeder bikes and pods.

What actions do you receive setback dice to: Streetwise to find anything not related to vehicles.

Who belongs here: Racers, pilots, mechanics.

Who doesn’t belong here: People who don’t know anything about racing, piloting or mechanics.


Poolta’s Pawn Paradise

Description: The modest pawn shop situated in a fairly busy but down run shopping area in sector 84, sub-level 40 on Nar Shaddaa is certainly no palace. Small and grimy windows displaying previously loved merchandise certainly don’t entice the common shopper to stop by for a bargain. The shop is owned by Erpo Poolta, a Toydarian fixer. Poolta does buy and sell used merchandise in his pawn shop, although his employee, another Toydarian by the name of Eppine Renlo, tends to take care of that so that side of the business. Poolta focuses more on the real source of income for the business. He makes most of his money from the other store hidden two levels below the shop where he sells both new and used illegal items. The other shop is really just a small room connected to the main store through a small turbolift he had installed, and a large back room where he stores illegal items out of sight of his customers. The customer is only ever allowed into the small front room, with Poolta hovering into the storage room to see if the item desired is available.

Location: Nar Shaddaa, Sector 84, sub-level 40

Faces: Erpo Poolta, Toydarian male owner. Eppine Renlo, Toydarian male member of staff.

Why come here: For equipment, gossip or to find work or leads

What is a common smell or sound here: In the storefront you always hear the shoppers passing by, but in the back there is mostly noise from a backup generator Poolta keeps for emergencies.

What actions do you receive boost dice to: Streetwise to find non-lethal illegal items of rarity 7 or less.

What actions do you receive setback dice to: Skulduggery due to extensive security systems in place.

Who belongs here: Honorable scum.

Who doesn’t belong here: Tourists, dishonorable scum, law enforcement.


Travis Reiner III is in his late twenties, tall (182 cm) with fair skin. He is of average build, but looks bulkier when wearing his armor. He has dark-brown hair which he keeps fairly short but not quite as short as he did during his years in the Imperial Navy. To further distance himself from the military-look he has added a goatee to the mustache he sported during his years as an Imperial.

After taking up his wandering ways, Travis tends to wear his bulky dark-green armor most of the time, only eschewing that for less obvious clothing when in a social setting where the armor would not be permitted. He recently purchased a new blaster pistol, which he keeps holstered on his right thigh.

Other Notes

Starting xp = 110
- Agility 4 @ 70
- Intellect 3 @ 30
- Talent: Toughened @ 5
- 5 xp saved.

- Computers (Human)
- Gunnery (Human)
- Mechanics (Specialization)
- Perception (Career)
- Piloting - Planetary (career)
- Ranged - Light (specialization)
- Ranged - Heavy (career)
- Vigilance (career)

Bonus 5 xp (for background) + 5 xp left over
- Talent: Jury-Rigged @ 10 xp

Equipment: 500 credits + 2500 for extra obligation = 3000
- Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster Pistol @ 450
- - Blaster Actuating Module @ 500
- - Custom Grip @ 500
- Riot Armor @ 950
- Utility Belt @ 25
- Load-Bearing Gear @ 100
- Extra Reload @ 25
- Comlink @ 25
- Datapad @ 75
- Scanner Goggles @ 150
- Military Beltpouch x2 @ 20
- Stimpacks x5 @ 125
- Field Rations 1 week @ 10
- Bola @ 20
- Binders @ 25
Total cost: 3000 credits

Bonus 2000 credits (for 5 NPCs)
- Magnetic Weapon Tether @ 250
- Weapon Maintenance Kit (Blasters) @ 450
- Toolkit @ 350
- Emergency Medpac @ 100
- Imperial Army Military Pack @ 60
- Slicer Gear @ 500
- Macrobinoculars @ 75
- Parts to mod gear 2x @ 200
Total cost: 1885 credits

Roll for pocket change: = 67

+10 xp 23 May 2017:
- Saved

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