Character Name

Dro-Kar Zakk by kymrel

Nikto (Green)
Bounty Hunter
Edge of the Empire

Threshold 16
Current 1
Threshold 13
Current 2
Ranged 0
Melee 0

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Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 0
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) X 0
Computers (Int) 0
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) 1
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 0
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) X 1
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 1
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) X 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) X 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) X 0
Survival (Cun) 0
Vigilance (Will) X 1
Brawl (Br) X 1
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Melee (Br) 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 1
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) X 1
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster Pistol
Ranged: Light
Stun Setting
Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Unarmed - Claws
Disorient 1, Knockdown, Stun Damage


Weapons & Armor

- Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster Pistol
---Blaster Actuating Module (+1 dmg, 1 setback)
---Custom Grip (Removes 1 setback)

- Riot Armor [Soak 2]

Personal Gear

Riot Armor [3 Enc, 1 worn]

Utility Belt [Enc +1]
- Blaster Pistol [Enc 1]
- Comlink, handheld [Enc 0]
- Scanner Goggles [Enc 0]
- Stimpacks x3 [Enc 0]
- Field Rations, 1 week [Enc 0]

Military Belt Pouch 
- Stimpacks x2 [Enc 0] 

Load-Bearing Gear [Enc +3]
- Extra Reload [Enc 1]
- Glow Rod [Enc 1]
- Binders x2 [Enc 0]

Assets & Resources

Bounty Hunter Licence

Critical Injuries & Conditions

Stimpacks used today: 2/5


Name Book & Page Description
Claws LoNH p.96 When making Brawl checks to deal +1 damage with a Critical Rating of 3. Gain a Boost Dice to Athletics when climbing surfaces that claws can pierce.
Toughened @ 5 xp Gain +2 Wounds Threshold per rank.


Dro-Kar Zakk was one of many Nikto enslaved by the Hutt gangsters on Tatooine, more precisely he was the property of Teemo the Hutt. Shortly after his fourth birthday he was seperated from his parents and trained as a servant at the Hutt's palace. After coming of age he was trained as a guard, taking to the thuggery and weapons use like a fish to water.

Dro-Kar was far more independent than most of his kin, and always had the ambition to strike out on his own. With a rather limited skill set he had little chance of doing so. When Teemo the Hutt had the need for a bounty hunter one day, and offered several to his chamber to discuss a mark, Dro-Kar realized that he could be good at that sort of work. Getting information out of people and then hunt down some poor idiot who had in his folly angered a Hutt? And get payed in credits? That sounded almost too good to be true.

From that day he started honing his skills, working his way as one of the Hutt's guards, trying to learn what he could from each of his fellow guards, and always trying to get information and tips from bounty hunters that came to Teemo’s palace.

One day when the Hutt was in a particularly good mood Dro-Kar asked him what it would take for him to get permission to strike out on his own and earn a living. Surprisingly, the Hutt was willing to discuss the matter. He told him Dro-Kar could pay an extraordinary sum of money for his freedom. Being a rather generous Hutt (or so he stated) he agreed to allow the Nikto to try his hand at collecting bounties, provided that a substantial part of his bounties went towards buying his freedom. Owning a bounty hunter was clearly more valuable than owning a slave guard. End everyone knew Niktos didn’t really want to be free and felt more safe being the property of a benevolent hutt like Teemo.

The Hutt even helped Dro-Kar get his start by offering his services to a reputable Rodian bounty hunter by the name of Emino Weelo. Dro-Kar became a part of the Rodian's team of hunters, learning the ropes in this brutal business.

The first hunt with Weelo took Dro-Kar to Nar Shaddaa, where Weelo was very familiar. Dro-Kar had a little free time on the Smuggler’s moon after Weelo caught the mark. Strapped for cash, Dro-Kar tried visiting Peeblo's Pawn & Loan looking for a bargain on a decent weapon and perhaps a second-hand armor. He was in luck. Poolta, a cunning Toydarian business man, was just looking for a muscle for hire to collect on a debt.

When Dro-Kar was able to not only find the offending debtor but also collect the amount owed from the Quarren as he was on his way to a shuttle to another district with all his spare cash, Poolta was very pleased. He agreed to repay Dro-Kar with a used but rather fancy blaster and a previously loved armor that fit pretty well. Since the items were worth far more than he had agreed to pay he made it clear that Dro-Kar owed him and he would come and do whatever Poolta wanted when he wanted. Having little choice, Dro-Kar agreed. Poolta has done Dro-Kar a few favors since, increasing the Nikto's feeling of being indebted to the Toydarian.

After doing this grunt work to pay the bills, and start paying his debt to Teemo, for almost a year, Dro-Kar finally decided it was time to strike out on his own. He had saved enough credits for a bounty hunter license. He left Weelo's team on good terms, but got told in no uncertain terms that if the two ever competed for a bounty, Dro-Kar should retire from the chase and leave the target to the Rodian master hunter.

Since Dro-Kar was a new player in the bounty hunting game he decided to return to Tatooine, hoping to get targets to pursue from Teemo, or his powerful uncle, Jabba the Hutt.

Dro-Kar managed to get a lift to Tatooine on a scrap-merchant's freighter, hiring on as a co-pilot for a trip that would make several stops to pick up and offload merchandise before getting to the desert planet.

Once he was back on the planet of his birth, Dro-Kar returned to Teemo, taking on several minor bounties and working as a guard or even a thug on occasion to keep paying off his debt. Teemo imagined the Nikto was little more than a dumb muscle, a useful blunt instrument to use as he saw fit. When Dro-Kar confronted him one day, in his usual awkward manner, and told his owner he had now payed off the amount of credits Teemo had stipulated at the start of his bounty hunter carreer.

Dro-Kar was rather hoping that the Hutt would rejoice with him, and that he could continue to take on bounties for him, or his uncle. Instead his statement was met with laughter. Teemo insisted that Dro-Kar should have known about the monthly interest rate, and that although he had paid off the amount bargained for, he owed at least twice the amount in interests and fees.

The Nikto bounty hunter realized three things at that very moment. First, that Teemo would never let him leave a free being. Second, that he really wanted to kill this Hutt. And third, if he tried anything at that moment Teemo’s guards would kill him. Or worse, capture him and have him tortured or fed to whatever monster Teemo’s uncle had under his throne room at the moment.

Dro-Kar swallowed his pride, apologized to the Hutt for not realizing that he still owed him all the interest on the original amount and wowed to work even harder in the future. Once he was back in his modest chamber he began to think about his future.

Although killing Teemo was high on his list of priorities, surviving was higher on that list. And even if he could somehow kill the fat Hutt now and get away, the bounty on his head would be high enough to get even Boba Fett interested. His uncle would see to that. So instead he had to plot his escape from Mos Shuuta, fully intending to return in the not-to-distant future to end Teemo’s life, preferably in an unpleasant manner. He would have to find a ship about to leave Mos Shuuta, or steal a speeder and head for Anchorhead. He would surely find someone there to take him off Tatooine.


Ambition: Freedom

Dro-Kar desires nothing more than to be a free being, able to come and go as he pleases and earn a living in what ever way he pleases. He fears he will never be free of his former owner's large shadow while Teemo the Hutt lives.


10 - Debt to Teemo the Hutt
Dro-Kar is has made a deal with his Hutt owner to pay him a large sum of credits for his freedom. So far most of his earnings have gone towards that purpose, only for him to find out that the interests the Hutt didn't tell him about make it impossible for him ever to pay him off.

10 - Favor to Poolta
Erpo Poolta, a pawn-shop owner on Nar-Shaddaa, came through for Dro-Kar when he needed him the most. He has an amiable relationship with the Toydarian, who has given him tips and done him favors for the past two years. He recognizes that he owes him a debt of gratitude which he will eventually be called upon to pay off.


Dro-Kar is a broad Nikto with an expressionless face which makes him look both uninterested in other people and (to some) rather dumb. He wears bulky padded armor and has a blaster pistol strapped to his right thigh and walks with a swagger that suggests he can handle himself in a fight, a fact underscored by his massive, clawed hands and horned face.

He tends to get deadly calm in the midst of battle, but rather nervous when called upon to speak in front of important people, Hutts in particular.

Other Notes

Nikto: 100 xp
Additional obligation: 10 (+0 xp, +2500 credits)
=> Total 100 xp

- Agility 4 @ 70
- Willpower 3 @ 30

Starting skills:
- Brawl (Career)
- Coordination (Race)
- Mechanics (Specialization)
- Perception (Career)
- Ranged Heavy (Career)
- Ranged Light (Specialization)
- Vigilance (Career)

Equipment @ 2980 credits, 20 credits unspent
- Riot Armor @ 950
- Blaster Pistol, Merr-Sonn Model 53 "Quicktrigger" @ 450
---Custom Grip @ 500 
---Blaster Actuating Module @ 500 
-Comlink, handheld @ 25 
-Scanner Goggles @ 150 
-Utility Belt @ 25 
-Military Belt Pouch @ 10 
-Stimpacks 7x @ 175 
-Load-Bearing Gear @ 100 
-Field Rations, 1 week @ 10 
-Binders x2 @ 50
-Extra Reload @ 25 
-Glow Rod @ 10 

XP received 27 July 2017: 14
- Toughened @ 5 xp
- Coercion 1 rank @ 5xp
- 4 xp saved

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