Character Name

Jhoda Tenno by StreetTeki

Jedi Sentinel
Shadow/Ataru Striker
Force and Destiny

Threshold 15
Current 9
Threshold 12
Current 14
Ranged 1
Melee 1

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Skill Career? Rank Roll
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 1
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) X 0
Computers (Int) X 0
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) X 1
Deception (Cun) X 1
Discipline (Will) X 1
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) 0
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 1
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) X 1
Stealth (Ag) X 2
Streetwise (Cun) X 0
Survival (Cun) 0
Vigilance (Will) 0
Brawl (Br) 0
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Lightsaber (Br) X 1
Melee (Br) 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) 0
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Breach 2, Sunder, Knockdown
Lightsaber Shoto
Breach 1, Sunder 1,
Pierce 2, vicious 1


Weapons & Armor

-Lightsaber (Christophsis crystal) (1 encum): Dual-Phase modification: may change blade length once per encounter once per encounter as an incidental. The next attack that turn made by the character using this weapon ignores the target's melee defense.

-Lightsaber Shoto (Seeker Crystal) (1 encum) - Force-Sensitive characters making a Perception or Vigilance check may add 2 advantage to the check for purposes of detecting whether a hidden being is present within medium range.

-Concealing robes (1 encum, +1 Setback to notice or recognize individual wearing them)

-Armored clothing (3 encum, +1 soak, +1 defense rating)

- Vibroknife (1 encum)

-Demon Mask (Dark side only. +2 wound. characters making Discipline checks to resist fear caused by a character wearing a demon mask add 1 Setback equal to that character's force rating)

Personal Gear

-comlink and holo-messenger

-datapad (encum 1)

-utility belt (+1 encum)

-climbing gear (1 encum)

-stim pack (~5)

Assets & Resources

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Book & Page Description
Sleight of mind FnD p.94 Add Boost to all Stealth checks unless the opposition is immune to force powers
well rounded FnD p.94 Choose any 2 skills, they permanently become career skills (Discipline and Coercion)
Conditioned (I) FnD p.87 Remove Setback per rank of Conditioned from athletics and coordination checks. reduce the damage and strain suffered form falling by 1 per rank of Conditioned
Tireless Fighters Species On Brawl, Melee, or Lightsaber checks, Kage gain an automatic 1 advantage.
Jump Up FnD p.87 Once per round may stand from seated or prone as an incidental
Quick Draw FnD p.87 Once per round, draw or holster weapon or accessible item as an incidental
Street Smarts Fnd p.94 remove 1 setback per rank of Street Smarts to Street Wise and Knowledge (Underworld) checks
Indistinguishable Fnd p.94 Upgrade Difficulty of checks to identify character once per rank of Indistinguishable

Force Powers

Force Rating
The Force user can sense the Force interacting with the world around him.

The Force user may spend 1 Force Point to sense all living things within short range (including sentient and non sentient beings)

The Force user may spend 1 Force Point to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged
Upgrade Effect
The Force User can move small objects via the power of the Force

The user may spend 1 Force Point too move one object of silhouette 0 that is within short range to his maximum range. default maximum range is short range
Upgrade Effect
When making an Athletics check, the Force User may roll an Enhance Power Check as part of the pool

The user may spend 1 Force Point to gain Success or Advantage
Upgrade Effect
Control (I) Take a Force Leap Action: make an Enhance Power Check. The user may spend Force Points to jump horizontally to any location within short range
Control (II) when performing force leap the user can jump vertically as well as jumping horizontally


Jhoda was a Kage born on the planet of Quarzite in 26 BBY as an heir to the familial house of Tenno. His parents, Jaghatai and Chenrezi, presided over one of the major warrior clans of their species and maintained a very controversial stance that supported reamianing an isolationist species and using their military power only for handling issues for the Kage.
Jhoda was the second born of three siblings with which he was meant to rule once they'd all come of age. His older sister (4 years) was named Tau and his younger brother (4 years) was named Khagan. While Khagan avidly supported their parents' isolationist views, Tau saw the strife in the galaxy and demanded that they stop it, believing that they must shield their planet from it. Jhoda, on the other hand, was far more interested in training himself to master the martial disciplines of the Kage. While his brother and sister assaulted the Belugan tram systems and learned how to Jhoda traveled the undergrounds of Quarzite. he spent his early years visiting the other houses, challenging their fighters and defeating them in duels. He'd compete and succeed in every dojo he could find, partake in their assorted challenges and trials, and defend the occasional villages he’d find himself in from attacking Belugan forces, often singlehanded.
Upon one of his occasional returns home, his family expressed great pride in him but his sister expressed great dissatisfaction at his absences and demanded he help her halt the construction of a tramline being built near their city of Bizen. During their assault, Tau found herself surrounded by the Belugan soldiers guarding the site. Desperate to save his sister, the surge of emotion drove the young Jhoda to tap into the force and bring a crane down onto the soldiers. Upon their return Tau insisted that Jhoda use his renown and abilities to influence their parents and the other houses to turn their sights offworld, but he declined, further building her frustration with her family and the other clans. Jhoda instead wanted to understand the nature of his powers, so he took to meditating in assorted shrines to ancestors and heroes of old. It was in one of these shrines, an unfinished statue of a sitting monk, that Tau confronted him yet again to ask him to help her bring peace to the galaxy and keep their home safe from harm. He again refused, bringing Tau to draw her electro-sword and attack him. Their duel was long and hard fought, Jhoda’s direct and disciplined technique clashing with Tau’s improvisational, hit and run style. In the end Tau was forced to end the duel with a surprise blast to the chest with her holdout blaster. Taking advantage of Jhoda’s weakened state, Tau ran her blade through his heart then cut across his stomach. As Jhoda lay bleeding, Tau told him that he was a disgrace, that all the power and skill he had was wasted him and he’d shamed his species by not using it to bring them to greatness. With that, she slew him with a cut across the torso (kesa giri) and left him to die.
Jhoda awoke in a hut owned by an old man who’d built the shrine. The old man, named Gheris, had tended to Jhoda’s wounds and told him that he’d seen his duel with Tau. Jhoda, depressed by his shameful display left Gheris’s hut and returned to Bizen, only to find it burning. From a precipice, a hail of blast fire bombarded the city, and within his heart, Jhoda knew that this was Tau’s doing. He raced into the city to find a slough of corpses. He found his family’s stronghold in ruins, and his mortally wounded brother in the courtyard. Khagan told him that Tau had rounded up as many like minded warriors as she could find and attacked the city, taking their Milodon mounts in the assault. Upon asking about the rest of their family Khagan wept, saying their mother was killed and he didn’t know where their father was, assuming he was dead as well. Khagan then died in the arms of his brother who, in his grief, leveled the stronghold in a furious torrent of force energy and a sorrowful cry. Gheris found the grieving Jhoda and offered to train him to defeat Tau and the vengeful boy eagerly accepted. With that, Jhoda Left his homeworld, never to return.
On the planet Atzerri, Jhoda was put through rigourous training, performing difficult tasks and otherwise intense menial labour. All this was to condition his body for a dual-wielding sword form that Gheris himself designed. He described it thusly “This art uses two weapons as one, two halves of the same whole. Tau as a warrior knows how to use her numbers against you, but this art will allow you cut through her defenses. She defends against blaster wielders and single blade users like you once were, you will overcome her defenses and thwart her tactics with the art of using two heavens with the tenacity you would use with one”. Gheris proceeded to instruct Jhoda in every technique and the philosophy behind the art. This was done by forcing the boy to perform all the techniques he used to perform with a single sword, only with a large cumbersome metal bar. Then he was forced to perform the techniques of the dual sword art with metal bars of the same cumbersome weight and size in each hand. At the same he was told to meditate for absurd amounts of time in perilous environments on the planet, then sneak his way back without being seen by any animal or person. Gheris told Jhoda that if he was spotted, no matter where he was, he’d find him and beat him.
This training subconsciously developed his latent force abilities to augment his physical abilities. This soon put him on the radar of the newly christened Emperor Sidious. One day, while he was spearfishing in the Atzerrian swamps he suddenly saw a ghostly reflection in the water with the likeness of Gheris. Sensing a feeling similar to the fall of Bizen, he rushed back to Gheris’s hut only to find a dark robed figure who reached out with the force to grab Jhoda and use him to destroy the hut by slamming him repeatedly through the walls. Jhoda survived however, and upon rising out of the wreckage, The dark figure proceeded to choke Jhoda to unconsciousness. He awoke shackled in a shadowy room with a disembodied voice asking him about his life, shocking him if he lied, refused, or otherwise for fun. The voice soon identified as Darth Sidious, who took advantage of the latent shame, grief, pain, hatred, anger, and need for vengeance that plagued Jhoda’s mind to turn him to the dark side. Upon devoting himself to the dark side and being dubbed Sidious’s secret apprentice, an Emperor’s Hand, Jhoda was put through the royal guard training academy, then the Inquisitorius trials while being taught the nature of the dark side of the force by his new master.
Jhoda was used to spy on his fellow Inquisitors, the various Moffs, and even Lord Vader himself. In the midst of his training for the Inquisitorius, Jhoda was instructed by Sidious to go to Christophsis to slay an old Separatist leader mining the planet for crystals to make a super weapon. He was told to leave no survivors. Upon arrival on the planet, Jhoda infiltrated the mines and defeated the battle droids and mercenaries that defended it. He soon found the Separatist and killed him easily. However, instead of calling Sidious to inform him of his success, Jhoda explored the caves, fascinated by the crystals. He traveled deeper into the mines, following some kind of call through the force that soon manifested into a ghostly form of Gheris. Jhoda chased the apparition through the mines until he burst into an antechamber where a lone Dathomirian Nightsister was under fire from multiple battle droids. Seeing the ghost of Gheris pass by the droids deeper into a main crystal chamber, he engaged the droids, cutting down many and soon found himself supported by the Nightsister. They were becoming overwhelmed however, forcing them to flee into the chamber. The droids launched thermal charges at them causing a collapse that trapped them inside. The Nightsister introduced herself as Ephrael Zade and she was in search of a rare crystal for a ritual that she hoped would give her the power to rebuild her clan. Jhoda simply told her that he was a renegade force user, following some kind of pull into the caves. While she knew he wasn’t telling her the whole truth, she didn’t press him. Ephrael suggested they work together to escape the collapsed chamber and help each other achieve their goals to which Jhoda agreed and began searching for a way out. As the two began to lose hope of escape, Jhoda saw the reflection of Gheris in a crystal embedded into a wall. Upon further inspection he realised the crystal was a thin pane, so the pair broke through crystal. Unfortunately their methods led to them falling down a narrow tunnel into a flooded passage. With few options but to keep moving forward they swam through the watercourse only to surface in a massive chamber, lit by a series of floating crystals at the centre. In awe, the two examined the crystals, Ephrael using her sorcery and Jhoda following Gheris’s ghost to find the crystals that called to them. Satisfied with their treasures, the pair searched for an exit, finding a passagrest under the water that lead into a narrow sinkhole that opened up to the surface. The two linked arms and painstakingly walked their way up the sides of the sinkhole, pressed back to back. Upon reaching the surface the two rested, joking extensively about their experience and eventually friends. When Jhoda asked if he’d ever feel Ephrael again she carved a sigil onto both of their shoulders, saying that whenever they needed each other, they’d be able to find each other. Jhoda left Christophsis with a purple lightsaber crystal and a bond to a witch.
Upon returning to Coruscant, Jhoda was commended for his assassination of the Separatist leader and upon bestowing the crystal he’d found he was given a test. He must go to the ruined Jedi Temple, complete the all the Jedi trials at once, find the lightsaber crystal Sidious had originally meant to give him upon his return, then create his weapons from whatever materials he could find (though with full knowledge that he had ordered all the lightsabers be melted down).
Jhoda’s Trials consisted of fighting simulacrums of Darth Malgus and Darth Malak, Fighting through a horde of screaming manifestations of dead anguished jedi killed in Order 66, getting shot in the hip with a high power blaster bolt from a seeker droid that was possessed by another force ghost that took the form of Jhoda’s sister Tau which proceeded to reenact their duel by using shatterpoint to tear open all the scars she’d left him and deepen the cuts until he overcame the pain to defeat the ghost and destroy the droid. He then followed the ghost of Gheris into a chamber where he entered a deep meditation where Gheris’s ghost entered his mind and revealed himself of an old force practitioner who created his own martial art as a way to fight in an extended battle against Belugan soldiers inadvertently activating his connection to the force which caused him to slowly develop a philosophy around his martial art, based on balancing the two sides of the force, two “heavens”, and merging them into one balanced energy within himself. In his meditation, Jhoda witnessed the life of his old master, including his death where he was killed by Sidious. He then entered a long and arduous mental battle between himself, a version of him entirely devoted to the dark side and vengeance against Tau, and a version of himself entirely devoted to the light that was adamant on forgiving his sister and moving on. He spent multiple days in the chamber within the Jedi temple, deep within his mind, in a constant stalemate between he and his alternate selves. He was only released from the trance when he accepted both his light and dark as a part of him, renouncing neither. Starving, injured and weak, he continued to his next trial, spending another couple days in an illusion of a constantly changing maze that changed its layout and appearance from that of the Christophsis mines to Quarzite’s tunnels and back again every time he touched a crystal. The illusion only dissipated when he’d touched the crystal he was meant to have, a small yellow lightsaber crystal known as the Seeker Crystal. When the illusion dissipated, Jhoda realised he’d been wandering in circles in a large sand pit, covered in his own footprints. He pressed on to his final task, following his instincts into an empty room with shattered windows. He looked out across the Coruscant skyline and soon noticed a room in an adjacent spire of the temple, covered in ash and surrounded by rubble. With no better options, Jhoda leapt through the out of the room, crashing through an exposed window into the desolate room. Within, he found multiple bodies of fallen Jedi knights who he hypothesised had died in an explosion from a thermal detonator. Thinking this was the best place for materials to create his lightsabers he began to meditate, reaching out with the force to gather and disassemble the lightsabers of the fallen jedi, piece by piece. He thought extensively on the weapons he’d wield, subconsciously pulling apart the hilts of the gathered lightsabers to the smallest components of metal. The pieces then joined together, assembling two unique lightsaber hilts containing the crystals he’d carried with him. The strips torn from the tattered robes of the Jedi wrapped themselves around the grips of the hilts before they fell into his lap. One hilt as long as his forearm, the other being three quarters that length. Upon igniting the lightsabers they emitted a long purple blade and a shorter golden blade. Satisfied and relieved, Jhoda kept the remaining lightsaber crystals and departed from the Jedi temple to Sidious’s throne room, displaying his weapons to him before collapsing onto the floor in exhaustion. Upon awakening, Jhoda found himself in a bacta tank in the Citadel Inquisitorius on Prakith. Before him stood Sidious, who told Jhoda that he would complete his Inquisitor training and become an instrument to root out and kill stray jedi but always be ready to be called upon to serve the dark lord.
And so, Jhoda became an Inquisitor, spending years killing various jedi and rogue force users who refused to submit to the dark side. However, as an Emperor’s hand, Jhoda was often sent to assassinate various figures within the Empire and/or those who stood in its way. He occasionally was sent out to retrieve Sith Holochrons, bringing secrets of the dark side to his master. He slew other Inquisitors who wished to kill him to gain higher status within the Inquisitorius. He took orders from Lord Vader to accompany Imperial forces to subjugate worlds and slay all members of the Rebellion. his kill count was constantly expanding, soon including multiple Jedi, masters and padawans alike. One of his more famous kills was that of Quinlan Vos, whom which he found in a Wookiee village on Kashyyk. Jhoda had the village bombarded by a squadron of TIE-Fighters, stormed in with a battalion of storm troopers, massacred the entirety of the village including Vos's wife, slew the Jedi master in the chaos even as he tapped into the dark side to try and overpower him, then took his infant son, Korto Vos, to be trained at the Citadel Inquisitorius. He'd even go on to sneak up on a Jedi master known for her increased perception via the force, the Miralukan Jedi Mystara Orsalno. He sneaked into her chambers in the dead of night while she was alone in meditation. From the shadows, Jhoda flung a vibroknife at her then used the force to change it's trajectory, causing a straight shot to the forehead to loop around to her temple. As he predicted, Orsalno directed her attention to the knife to catch and discard it with the force, giving him enough time to close the distance between the window he'd entered through and the jedi. Mystara was quick enough to ignite her lightsaber and parry his initial attack, but his real intent was to bring his shoto just close enough to ignite it into her chest. With a final cut across the torso to finish the job, Jhoda left the room as quickly and quietly as he came. As much as he was envied for his status among the Inquisitors, he was praised as one of their most powerful champions of the dark side. However despite being steeped into the dark side of the force, Jhoda still clung to the philosophy of his old master Gheris. He constantly endeavored to balance the ebbs and flows of the force within himself. However, this begot the ire of his fellows causing many to attempt to strike him down for his lack of faith in the dark side. None who challenged him could defeat him, but this didn’t keep the members of the Inquisitorius from ostracizing him. He believed a path to Balance could be found in the martial art Gheris taught him, so he studied and practiced at length, working to adapt the art to lightsaber combat. To do so, he found it pertinent to become proficient in every lightsaber form and to fully master the art Gheris taught him. He even went so far as to train and study under the Jensaarai warriors in his off time to study their philosophies and learn the abilities they practiced. In return, after completing numerous trials to prove himself an ally to them, the Jensaarai gave him a mask as a token of kinship and respect, specifically from a warrior named Saar-Hann Bal who would become a friendly rival for him.
Years passed, and Jhoda had began to desire to break away from the Inquisitorius and the Emperor. It was on Sarapin, in the midst of searching for lost holocrons in old jedi temples, where Jhoda felt a sudden and powerful echo through the force, followed by a single order from Sidious. “Kill Luke Skywalker!” But it was an order Jhoda had no desire to follow. Jhoda meditated within the ancient temple, trying to rid himself of the influence of his now dead master, until a desire greater than any order Sidious could have given overtook him. He must find balance, and to do so he must master his art and quell the combined need for vengeance and justice lying within him by crossing paths with Tau again. He then left the volcanic planet, and went to the only place he could think of that would provide information of where to find her, Mos Eisley. In Chalmun’s Cantina he learned of a pirate clan, called Bizen’s Ashes, that plagued the Quarzite system, that fought incessantly against the Empire’s subjugation. Jhoda, was eager to confront his sister but tempered it quickly, he needed to be ready. In search of money and experience, Jhoda joined the Blood Bone Order intermittently , helping its leader, Lassa Rhayme, by becoming her enforcer. However, both Jhoda and Rhayme knew that he’d eventually leave to continue honing his art and to find Tau.







36 morality


Standing at just under 2 meters tall (5'9"), 30 year old Jhoda Tenno displays a sturdy and well built physique. his face is triangular in shape, with a prominent jawline, cheekbones just smaller in prominence , and an even smaller sized forehead (in rank of prominence: Forehead<Cheekbones<Jawline). his hair is wavy and unkempt, falling down to the nape of his neck in length and appearing to be a charcoal black colour with silvery white highlights. his nose is small yet sharp in shape and his mono-lid eyes are upturned. His eyebrows were thick and angled into a high arch.
his skin was a slate blue gray colour and scarred by cuts and blaster bolts. a long scar extends from left side of where his neck met his shoulder down to his right hip, followed by another cut horizontally across his abdomen. A stab mark appears over where his heart would be and circular blaster bolt scars appear over the right side of his chest and the lower left side of his abdomen. A symbol is cut into his right shoulder in the shape of a pointed feather, meant to be in the shape of a fang. his left arm is tattooed with 5 ghostly figures resembling the members of his family, including himself. his eyes are a glowing lemon-lime colour and occasionally shift to the red rimmed golden colour attributed to Sith lords whenever he taps into the dark side of the force.
Jhoda wears the warrior garb of his people (shinobi shozoku), however, he redesigned it upon becoming an Inquisitor. He replaced the simple black cloth with maroon zeyd-cloth that displayed subtle silver seigaiha patterned embellishments. he supplemented the clothing with light armor plating on his arms and legs for a modicum of extra protection on the off chance he saw himself on the battlefield (Sode for shoulders, Kote sleeves, and Suneate shin guards). Jhoda did away with the armored boots he'd use to wear in favor of cleated socks that would make less noise. He'd wear a face mask whenever he operated, a Menpo in the likeness of the snarling maw of a demon that helped filter minor toxins and debris from the air he breathed, hide his identity and bolster his abilities with the dark side of the force. He wore a hooded cloak over his armor, a long hooded Jinbaori robe of the same maroon colour with and silver patterning. he had the cloak fitted with shoulder pads to add more protection on the battlefield. ( Note: for reference)

When wielding a single blade, Jhoda's natural fighting style resembles Tenshinryu Hyoho Battojutsu and Kenjutsu. With both his lightsabers his fighting style, built on the martial art Gheris taught him, resembles Niten Ichi-ryu and Ssanggum. That said, he is an avid practitioner of the various lightsaber forms, being partial to Shien/Djem So, Ataru, Niman, and Shii Cho despite his desire to become proficient in all the forms.

Other Notes

-grab Shien and Niman. Juyo if at all possible (NOTE: do NOT neglect force powers. Enhance and Move will be a bread and butter, Heal/Harm will be real useful as will Unleash among many others)

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