Gambler (Tila Choko) by William1010

Performer/Infiltrator/FS exile/Shadow
Force and Destiny

Threshold 15
Current 0
Threshold 16
Current 0
Ranged 1
Melee 1




Skill Career? Rank Roll Adj.
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) 0
Charm (Pr) X 3 -1s, 1 upgrade, 1 adv
Coercion (Will) 0
Computers (Int) X 2
Cool (Pr) X 3
Coordination (Ag) X 4
Deception (Cun) X 3 -1s, 1 upgrade, 1 adv
Discipline (Will) X 1
Leadership (Pr) X 3 -1s, 1 upgrade
Mechanics (Int) 0
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) X 4 1b, 1adv
Perception (Cun) X 1 1b
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) X 3 -1s
Stealth (Ag) X 1 1b
Streetwise (Cun) X 2 -1s
Survival (Cun) 0 1b
Vigilance (Will) 0 1b
Brawl (Br) 0
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Lightsaber (Br) 0
Melee (Br) X 3
Ranged: Light (Ag) 0
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) X 1 -1s
Knowledge: Warfare (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


"Ebony" Nero special one handed melee with paired weapons, Serrated edge, monomolecular edge(fully modded)
Enc 1, HP 3, Defensive 2, Pierce 7, Vicious 6, Accurate 3, +1 boost exceptional performance
"Ivory" Nero special one handed melee with paired weapon, poison reservior (full mod), custom grip(Full mod)-1 setback, Accurate 1+1 boost (exceptional performance)
1 Enc, 3 HP, Pierce 5, Ensnare 5, Deflection 2, 5 doses of Raqor venom
exoglove +1 brawn
zero HP 1 setback to notice it via concealment alteration.
SVT-300 stun cloak
If the wielder of the stun cloak is hit by a melee or brawl attack, the attacker suffers 7 damage. This damage is applied to the target’s strain threshold. This effect consumes one of the cloak’s payload of charges from its Limited Ammo quality.
7 strain


Weapons & Armor

holographic costume 1 defense 1 soak (via superior)
the outfit for each of my 4 identities
1 clone trooper
1 noble regalia
1 homeless person
1 diplomatic apparel
2 unused (reserved for on the spot use)

Ebony&Ivory (Always hidden)

Personal Gear

Personal Stealth field
Personal transponder (disguised as jewelry)
BPEA-1A Cascader (+1 setback to notice)
Diplomatic authorization- 2 advantage to social checks
Protection Amulet hidden purpose 3 setback to notice
Healing accelerant
cumbersome 1
invigorating 3
hidden purpose
holo messenger (Bracelet)
collar amp
1 glitterstim
Model 31 palm stunner (+1 setback to notice)
Verpine Headband (1 setback to notice)
exoglove (1 setback to notice -1 enc)
expensive jewelry (Necklace) advantage to charm and deception checks
scanner goggles (failed concealment mod)
Data pad
Concealed escape kit (+1 setback to notice)
slicer gear (failed concealment mod)
Earbud commlink (+1 setback to notice)
Poisoners ring (+1 setback to notice)
Gra-chute (+1 setback to notice)
surveyers bag
utility belt
SVT 300 (failed concealment mod)
lockpicking tools (+1 setback to notice)
Sabacc deck
5 raquor venom (in knife)
1 avabush spice (1 in ring)
Shield remote (+1 setback to notice)
6 stimpacks (in 3 belt pouches)
2 repair patches (in 1 belt pouch)
Hip flack with whyren's reserve

TC-Series protocol droid Desperate allies p55
Droid has a Transliterator

fingerprint masque
Disguise kit

Assets & Resources

RTT-04 land speeder hush kit

Sorosuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht
personal craft for her real identity

Minestral class yacht

1 case of Whyren's Reserve whiskey
2 scanner proof hardware attachments
Noble regalia with custom fit
aqua breather
breath mask

Reinforced Environmental Gear
Removes 1 setback imposed by environmental conditions., Add 1 boost to Resilience checks to resist toxic atmospheres or airborne toxins. Reduces Critical Injuries suffered from falling by 20
w/armor insert
soak 2 defense 2 3p perception to notice the insert

Custom fit attachment
armor insert
soak 2 defense 2 3p perception to notice the insert

Neural Recorder
mercentile data pad (whatever covers falusia)
Cultural etiquette manual Felucia

10,000 in rarity 6 components

1 case (20) of Tulaberry wine

Healing accelerate
bad feeling (1 conflict when used)
invigorating 4, hidden purpose 1

Search and Rescue
Republic Insignia
Felucia Veteran Ribbon

Critical Injuries & Conditions

Biofeedback regulator +2 cap
vocal emulator implant
Retinal implant
Neuromachine interface
Surge override switch
Cybernetic disguise


Name Rank Book & Page Description
Smooth talker (deception) 2 when making checks with that skill spend triumph to gain successes equal to ranks in smooth talker
kill with kindness 1 remove 1 setback per rank from all charm and leadership checks
convincing demeanor 1 remove 1 setback per rank of convincing demeanor to all deception or skulduggery or deception checks.
distracting behavior 3 Maneuver suffer strain no greater than cunning until beginning of my next turn equal number of npc's suffer 1 threat to their rolls. default range is engaged range increases per rank.
improved distracting behavior 1 2 threats when using distracting behavior
street smarts 1 remove 1 setback per rank from streetwise and underworld checks
congenial 1 may suffer a number of strain to downgrade the diff of charm or negotiation or upgrade the diff of incoming charm or negotiation by an equal number of strain suffered
dodge 5 when targeted by combat check as a incidental suffer strain no greater than ranks in dodge and upgrade their diff by an equal amount
defensive stance 2 Once per round, maneuver, suffer a number of strain to upgrade difficulty of all incoming melee attacks by an equal number. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in defensive stance.
Grit 3 +1 strain threshold per rank
Toughened 1 +2 wound threshold per rank
biggest fan 1 once per session may take a biggest fan action. Make a hard charm check to turn 1 NPC into the characters biggest fan.
deceptive taunt 1 once per session May take the deceptive Taunt action. Make an opposed Deception check. If successful 1 adversary must attack the character during the adversaries next turn
coordination dodge 1 When targeted by a combat check spend 1 destiny add failure to check equal to ranks in coordination
dedication 1 +1 to presence
natural athlete 1 once per session reroll any 1 athletics or coordination check
natural rogue 1 Once per session, may reroll any 1 Skulduggery or stealth check
master of shadows 1 once per round suffer 2 strain to decrease difficulty of next stealth or skulduggery check by 1.
stunning blow 1 While making Melee checks may inflict damage as strain instead of wounds. This does not ignore soak.
frenzied attack 1 When making a Melee or Brawl check suffer a number of strain to upgrade the attack an equal number of times. The strain suffered may not exceed ranks in frenzied attack
soft spot 1 after making a successful attack, may spend 1 destiny point to add damage equal to cunning to 1 hit.
clever solution 1 Once per session make 1 skill check using Cunning rather than the characteristic linked to that skill.
dedication 1 +1 to cunning
slight of mind 1 add 1 boost to stealth checks unless opponent is immune to force powers
jump up 1 Once per round, may stand from seated or prone as an incidental.
mental fortress 1 spend 1 destiny to ignore effects of critical injuries on intellect or cunning till end of encounter
codebreaker 1 remove 1 setback per rank from checks to break codes or decrypt communications. decrease difficulty of checks to break codes or decrypt communications once.
now you see me 1 once per session may take the now you see me action. hard deception check to make a number of NPC's equal to cunning within medium range forget about character.
dedication 1 +1 to presence
UNMATCHED EXPERTISE SIGNATURE ABILITY 1 Once per game session as an action, the player may spend 2 destiny points to reduce the difficulty of all career skill checks he makes by 1 to a minimum of easy for the remainder of the encounter.
Activation 1 Activate unmatched expertise as a maneuver instead of an action
Activation 1 Activate unmatched expertise as an incidental that can be triggered out of turn.
Destiny 1 Unmatched expertise costs 1 destiny point instead of 2.
Reduce difficulty 1 Reduce the difficulty of career skill checks by 2 instead of 1
Reduce difficulty 1 The difficulty of all career skill checks is reduced to a minimum of simple instead of easy.
Reserved 1
Well rounded 1 Cool and computers become career skills
Insight 1 perception and discipline become career skills
Uncanny senses 1 Add boost per rank to all perception checks
Uncanny Reactions 1 add boost per rank to vigilance checks
Shroud 1 The character may spend 1 destiny point to make himself undetectable via force powers and make his own powers go unnoticed for the remainder of the encounter.
Slippery minded 1 If under the effects of a force power, perform the Slippery minded action; make a hard deception check to immediately end effects of power.
Quick draw 1 once per round draw or holster a weapon or accessible item as an incidental.

Force Powers

Force Rating
spend 1 pip sense all living things within short range.

spend 1 pip sense emotional state of 1 engaged living target.
Upgrade Effect
control upgrade difficulty commit 1 force dice once per round, when an attack targets the force user he upgrades the diff of the pool once.
Duration Sense's ongoing effects may be triggered 1 additional time per round
Strength when using sense's ongoing effects, upgrade the pool twice instead of once


Daughter of Olia Choko public relations representative between Chancellor Mon Mothma and the Galactic Senate. Growing up she had a rather lavish upbringing, not having to worry about surviving from one day to the next. This allowed her to study what she was interested in, the performing arts. She dabbled a bit of dance, acting, and singing. She took part in a few of the "celebrity" type Sabacc tournaments and found that she enjoyed it and was rather good at it. This caused her to begin playing games of chance more regularly. This went on for a number of years before she was essentially tapped by her mother to join the rebellion.

She ended up training for a few years in counter intelligence but also kept up her public persona as that would be crucial for use as a cover for her republic activities. After completing her training, Officer commission in hand she reported in to her first assignment the 7th system army. She is a brand new fresh out of training she ready to do her part.

Spent previous 2 triumphs for the quartermaster for regular client for permanent boost to get equipment.
Spent a triumph to permanently remove 1 setback from quartermaster for me to purchase stuff (Crea).
Spent 1 triumph and 2 adv to permanently remove 1 setback on future purchases with quartermaster.

She has an established alternate ID as a smuggler gambler in the town of vortals. For this ID she has changed her voice slightly,her eye color and retinal scan and has been working this ID for a bit to make it ligit.


Political connections and support-
Every blaster, starfighter, and thermal detonator in the galaxy is useless without the political will to truly challenge and overthrow our enemies. The Player Character understands this all too well and is determined to see to it that as many factions, systems, and sectors as possible come to the side—and the aid—of the Alliance against the CIS.

Daughter of Olia Choko public relations representative between Chancellor Mon Mothma and the Galactic Senate. she can use who she is to sometimes get extra resources or have slight political pull. She wanted to make a name for herself separate from her mother's but she is still her mother's daughter.

Duty 640
More people must be found to serve, and they are needed in every capacity. Not only does the Alliance military need more soldiers and pilots, it needs more technicians, engineers, mechanics, scientists, doctors, slicers. and just about every other kind of worker. This Player Character understands the risks of recruitment, as well as the needs, and is constantly on the lookout for allies who are both talented and trustworthy.


Morality 82
The characters bravery is quite remarkable. Whether facing down a charging rancor or racing into a burning building to save innocents, he is always willing to take risks to help others.

Studious discipline, however, can bring about intolerance and disregard for outside input. When deciding a course of action, the character often refuses any outside ideas that might deviate from firm internal viewpoints.


Downtime- 70

CR Rewards
CR1-AC1 series surveillance droid
CR1- Holomessenger
CR2- SVT 300 stuncloak
CR2- RTT-04 landspeeder
CR3- TC-Series protocol droid
CR3- Sorosuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht
CR4- Modified minestral class space yacht
CR4- Secondary transponder for the Minestral
CR5- secondary transponder for the subsorro yacht
CR5- Diplomatic Authorization
CR6- Personal stealth field
CR6- Slave circuit for Dash

Other Notes

species bonus 1 rank in cool
all 120 exp spent in characteristics rank 2 willpower rank 3 and 4 cunning, rank 3 brawn (took 0 duty for the extra 10 starting exp)
Cereer skills 2 in charm, 2 in deception, 1 negotiation, 1 in streetwise

EXP spent on skills (285 total)
10 charm
15 charm
5 computers
10 computers
10 cool
15 cool
5 coordination
10 coordination
15 coordination
20 coordination
10 deception
15 deception
5 leadership
10 leadership
15 leadership
5 melee
10 melee
15 melee
10 negotiation
15 negotiation
20 negotiation
5 skulduggery
10 skulduggery
15 skulduggery
10 streetwise
5 exp on rank 1 perception
5 exp rank 1 discipline
5 exp rank 1 underworld

Performer(career) exp (270 total)
smooth talker 5 (deception)
kill with kindness 5
distracting behavior 5
Convincing demeanor 5
Distracting behavior 10
Congenial 10
Dodge 10
Jump up 10
Distracting behavior 15
Natural athlete 15
smooth talker 20
distracting behavior improved 20
Grit 20
toughened 20
Biggest fan 25
Deceptive taunt 25
coordination dodge 25
dedication 25 (presence)

Signature ability exp (115 total)
30 exp on unmatched expertise
10 on activation sig ability
10 on activation sig ability
15 exp destiny sig ability
10 exp reduce setback sig ability
15 exp reduce difficulty
10 exp reduce setback
15 exp reduce diff

Infiltrator second spec(30) exp (215 total)
grit 5
dodge 5
frenzied attack 5
defensive stance 5
soft spot 10
grit 10
stunning blow 10
jump up (no cost)
dodge 15
defensive stance 20
natural rogue 25
master of shadows 25
clever solution 25
dedication 25 (cunning)

force sensitive exile third spec (30) exp (30 total)
5 exp on insight
5 exp on uncanny reactions
5 exp on uncanny senses
10 exp on quick draw

shadow fourth spec (50) exp (180 total)
slight of mind 5
street smarts 5
well rounded 10 (cool, computers)
mental fortress 10
dodge 15
code breaker 20
now you see me 20
dodge 20
master of shadows (no cost)
dedication 25 (presence)
Shroud 15
20 exp on slippery minded

Force powers exp (20 total)
Sense 10
control upgrade diff 10
Duration upgrade 10
strength upgrade 10

1800 on cascader
500 palm stunner
1100 holographic image desguiser
450 concealed escape kit
75 earbud commlink
250 neural recorder cybernetic
100 disguise kit
500 poisoners ring
500 gravity belt
50 lock pick tools
30 memstick
50 backpack
40 sabacc deck
300 raqor venom
25 avabush spice
300 questioner 9
1950 on flare jacket
1050 on ceremonial blade
880 spent on shield remote
1500 on exoglove
850 on reinforced enviro gear
50 on 2 stimpacks
150 on scanner goggles
50 on collar amp
100 on 4 stimpacks
1,020 transliterator
675 noble regalia
380 hush kit
360 custom fit
40 exp on Sabacc deck
4,250 on biofeedback regulator
1,250 retinal implant
800 on surge override switch
200 to repair exoglove
11,700 on cybernetic disguise
sold transliterator for 900 credits
holographic costume for 750 credits
25 breath mask
50 on serrated edge
1180 on monomolecular edge and poison reservoir
500 on custom grip
50 on mods
1200 on raquor venom
88 to repair holographic costume w/reverse engineering
4250 for superior armor customization
3,500 on components
750 credits for repairs to my transport
2975 on neuromachine interface
50 credits on surveyors bag
100 on personal transponder
500 on energy dispersion system
2500 for 5k rarity 5 cybernetic crafting components
800 for a case of Tulaberry wine
3000 credits spent on alchemy crafting
5,500 holographic shell vehicle attachment
5,850 ram attachment vehicle attachment
900 credits on 1 optional mod on ram attachment

sold items
recon remote 188
holographic image disguiser 825
questioner 9 225
flesh cammo kit 1875
flare jacket 1125
biofeedback system 2475

traded in 96 downtime hours for +20 duty
trade in 48 hours for 5 exp
traded in 48 hours for 5 exp
48 hours exchanged for 5 exp
48 hours exchanged for 5 exp
exchanged 72 hours for 15 duty
exchange 96 downtime hours for 10 exp
exchanged 48 downtime for 10 duty
exchange 48 hours for 10 duty
exchanged 144 hours for 15 exp
15 hours concealment alteration
96 hours traded for 10 exp
48 downtime hours for 5 exp
72 hours traded for +15 duty
24 hours to heal a crit
15 hours spent on alchemy crafting
43 hours spent on partial craft of mechanical horse
29 hours for complete vehicle
48 hours exchanged for 5 exp

23OCT2019 20exp/15duty/1100cr/24
25NOV2019 10exp/5duty/1100cr/24
02DEC2019 10exp/5duty/1100cr/24hr
10dec2019 20exp/10duty/1100cr/24hr
15exp/10duty/1100cr/24hr-operation Jubilant Joopa
20exp/15duty/1100/24hr- kingdom for a crape
15exp/10duty/1100/24hr- shadows blade part 2
10exp/10duty/1100/24hr-into the darkness p1
20exp/10duty/1200/24hr- operation ice out (search and rescue medal)
20exp/15duty/1200/24hr- to judge a jedi 2
24 hour downtime holidays
20exp/10duty/1200cr/24hr-void light down
15exp/10duty/1200cr/24hr-filling the picnic basket
15exp/10duty/1200cr/24hr-Jungle Hyjinks
20exp/20duty/450/24hr-Local Yocals
20exp/10duty/1200/24hr-dead in the water(supplies blockade run)
25exp/15duty/1200/24hr-Vortals smugglers
30exp/15duty/1300/24- Vortals mountaineering p2
15exp/10duty/1300/24-Evacuate FOB Mynock
30exp/15duty/1300/24-Time to go
35exp/20duty/1300/24- operation double down (Republic Insigna)
20exp/15duty/1300/24hr-Last on Felucia
15exp/10duty/1400/24- planetary peacekeeping A Strong arrival
20exp/10duty/1400/24hr- Hover Convoy
25exp/10duty/1400/24hr-Break Down
20exp/15duty/1400/24hr-Fennel orders
20 exp/10duty/1400/24hr-Web of Deceit
20exp/10duty/1400/24hr- Deaf as a post
40exp/10duty/1400/24hr- Air Patrol above Chyyra
10exp/15duty/1400/24- Havoc Ensues
25exp/15duty/1400credits/24hr-To trial and tribulation
25exp/10duty/0 credits/24hr-Procurement Prosecution
25exp/15duty/1500credits/24hr-Thunder and Rumble
25exp/15duty/1500credits/24hr- Humble Beginings
25exp/15duty/1500cr/24hr- Dug in -100 credits for glitter stim =1400 credits +1 glitterstim
20exp/10duty/1500cr/24hr-McGarrett on the loose
20exp/15duty/1500cr/24hr- One mans Trash
20exp/10duty/1500cr/24hr-One man's Trash II
25exp/10duty/1600cr/24hr- A night to remember
25/15/1600/24 -Mr. Smith goes to Courscant II
25/10/1600/24- Happy little trees
25/15/1600/24hr-one man's trash II
25/10/1600/24-Death and Mourning
30/15/1600/24- The deepest cult

Gamblers work in progress horse
Air speeder hull
extra HP
reinforced construction x4
elegant design
High performance Repulsor cluster engine
enhanced output
fine tunned circits x4
enhanced power to deflectors

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