Maya by kaosoe

Force and Destiny

Threshold 11
Current 0
Threshold 13
Current 0
Ranged 1
Melee 1

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Skill Career? Rank Roll Adj.
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) 0
Charm (Pr) X 0
Coercion (Will) X 0
Computers (Int) 0
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 1
Discipline (Will) X 1
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) 0
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 2
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) 0
Resilience (Br) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) X 0
Vigilance (Will) X 2
Brawl (Br) 0
Gunnery (Ag) 0
Lightsaber (Br) 0
Melee (Br) 0
Ranged: Light (Ag) 0
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) 0
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) X 1
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Warfare (Int) 0
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


Training Lightsaber
Stun Damage
Disorient, Knockdown


Weapons & Armor

Training Lightsaber, Armored Robes

Personal Gear

Comlink (Handheld), Stimpack x3, Field Rations x2, Backpack, Fusion Lantern, Utility Belt

Assets & Resources

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Rank Book & Page Description
Force Rating x2 Permentanty increase Force Rating by 1
Forewarning x1 Perform the Forewarning action. All allies within Medium range increase defense by character's Force rating until they act in the encounter
Keen Eyed x1 Removed [Setback] per rank from Perception and Vigilance checks. Decrease time to search a specific area by half.
Natural Mystic Once per session, the character any reroll any 1 Force power check.
Sense Advantage Once per session, may add [Setback][Setback] to 1 NPCs skill check.
The Force is My Ally Once per session, may suffer 2 strain to perform Force power check action as maneuver.
Uncanny Reactions x2 Add [Boost] per rank to all Vigilance checks.
Sense Danger 1/Session Remove [Setback][Setback] from any one check.

Force Powers

Force Rating
The Force user can feel the Force flowing around everything, seeing what is and what will be.
Upgrade Effect
Base Spend [ForcePoint] to gain vague hints of events to come, up to a day into her future.
Control: Initiative When making a skill check to determine initiative, the Force user may roll a Foresee power check as part of the pool. Spend [ForcePoint] to gain [Success] per point on the check.
Strength Spend [Force Point] to pick out specific details equal to Strength upgrades purchased.
The Force user restrain an enemy, preventing the target from acting.
Upgrade Effect
Base Spend FP to immobilize a target at Short range until the end of the user's next turn. If the user used any dark side point to generate FP, the target also suffers 1 wound per FP spend on the check. This may only be activated once.


Not much is known about Maya, but there's much that can be guessed.

She was born on an outer rim world; likely a colony planet. Her earliest memories were as a slave cleaning temple floors on Trandosha, until she was 6 when she left. She doesn't talk about the 10 years after, but it must have been then that she learned about her abilities and the ways of the Force.

Her master must have been a poor teacher. She shows little understanding of the Jedi code, and how to properly wield a lightsaber. However, it's clear that she is strong in the Force and was taught how to control her abilities and focus them, though she sometimes shows a lack of restraint in this regard.

Not long ago, she parted ways with her master. She was found on a remote jungle planet, severely injured and her escape pod in ruins. When Kovin found her, she was delirious. Her last words before losing consciousness was a prediction. She spoke of several points of light in the night. These lights would quell the darkness and bring in the morning.

Days or weeks later, she woke with her injuries having been treated. Because of this, she trusts Kovin. Shortly after, the Force had granted her another vision. That day, she join Kovin on one of his scouting trips. This time it was she who led him. Right to the first of their new allies.

Personality: Maya is pretty closed off and keeps to herself. She's slow to trust, but she loves deeply those she opens up to. This becomes problematic when her loved ones develop similar bonds to others. Dark thoughts often feed on her anger and jealousy.

Her teachings focused little on restraint and self-discipline beyond controlling her abilities. On a few occasions she has made her companions feel a bit uncomfortable at her lack of restraint, but in nearly every instance, she was ignorant of why it was wrong in what she did. Clearly, she still has some growing to do.


Quest (Redemption)
It's clear that there are things in Maya's past that still haunt her. Every day is a struggle to reconcile her past and redeem herself.


Morality: 47 (Dark Side Force User)
Conflict: 0

Emotional Strength: Love
- Maya has had little socialization in the past, so when she allows her self to open up to others, the develops deep emotional connections with them.

Emotional Weakness: Jealousy
- Because of lack of social skills, she often becomes too attached to others, and does not recognize that those she love can develop their own emotional connections to others as well. This causes her to feel betrayed and rejected.


Standing at only 1.52 meters, Maya is very short by Togruta standards. Her Montrals and head have nearly completely developed. She has pale purple skin with dark blue stripes from montrals to the tips of her head-tails. He eyes are a bright sapphire.

She wears armored robes of deep burgundy with dark gray accents. At her hip is an training lightsaber, though no one has seen her use it.

Other Notes

-2 to Strain threshold.

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