CT-2523 "Scrapper" by P47Thunderbolt

Droid Specialist, Clone Trooper, Clone Veteran
Age of Rebellion

Threshold 22
Current 0
Threshold 17
Current 0
Ranged 1
Melee 1




Skill Career? Rank Roll Adj.
Astrogation (Int) 0
Athletics (Br) X 3
Charm (Pr) 0
Coercion (Will) 0
Computers (Int) X 2
Cool (Pr) X 3
Coordination (Ag) 0
Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 2 +2B
Leadership (Pr) 0
Mechanics (Int) X 2 -1S
Medicine (Int) 0
Negotiation (Pr) 0
Perception (Cun) X 0
Piloting: Planetary (Ag) 0
Piloting: Space (Ag) X 0
Resilience (Br) X 1
Skulduggery (Cun) X 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Streetwise (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) X 0
Vigilance (Will) X 2
Brawl (Br) 2 ICK, +2B
Gunnery (Ag) X 0
Lightsaber (Br) 0
Melee (Br) X 3 ICK
Ranged: Light (Ag) X 1
Ranged: Heavy (Ag) X 3 DA
Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 0
Knowledge: Education (Int) X 0
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 0
Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 0
Knowledge: Underworld (Int) 0
Knowledge: Warfare (Int) 1
Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 0


DC-15a Blaster Carbine (vs. Droids)
Ranged: Heavy
Auto-Fire, Pierce 3, Stun setting
DC-15a Blaster Carbine
Ranged: Heavy
Auto-Fire, Pierce 3, Stun setting
Ion Pike
Inaccurate 1, Ion, Pierce 4, Superior
Mk. II EMP Grenade
Ranged: Light
Blast 6, Disorient 3, Ion, Limited Ammo 1
M8 Combat Knife
Accurate 1, Pierce 2
+1 [5]
Pierce 1, Superior, Vicious 1
+2 [6]

6/7/8 of 13

Weapons & Armor

Phase II Clone Trooper Armor (Integrated Holsters [1 Holster two additional weapons of two Encumbrance or less Mod, 1 failed Holster two additional weapons of two Encumbrance or less Mod], Strength Enhancing System [2 +1 Athletics Mods, 1 +1 (Innate Talent) Brace Mod])
DC-15a Blaster Carbine (Ionizing Focusing Coils [Decrease Critical by 1 against droids Mod, +1 Damage against droids Mod, Failed +1 Damage against droids Mod], Enhanced XCiter [2 +1 Pierce Mods, 1 failed +1 Pierce Mod]
Vibro-Knucklers (Superior Weapon Customization)
Ion Pike (Superior Weapon Customization)
(3) Mk. II EMP Grenades
M8 Combat Knife (Mono-Molecular Edge [1 +1 Pierce Mod, 1 failed +1 Pierce Mod])

Personal Gear


Assets & Resources

Critical Injuries & Conditions


Name Rank Book & Page Description
Toughened [DS], [CT], [CV] 4 AoR CRB 158 Increase WT by 2 per rank of Toughened.
Grit [DS], [CT], [CV] 3 AoR CRB 148 Increase ST by 1 per rank of Grit.
Enduring [CT] 1 AoR CRB 146 Increase Soak by 1 per rank of Enduring
Armor Master [CT] AoR CRB 142 When wearing armor, the character increases his total soak value by one.
Improved Armor Master [CT] AoR CRB 143 When wearing armor with a soak value of two or higher, the character increases his defense by one.
Dedication [DS], [CT], [CV] 3 AoR CRB 145 Each rank permanently increases a single characteristic of the player's choice (Agility, Intellect, Intellect) by one point. This cannot bring a characteristic above six.
Hidden Storage [Droid Specialist] 1 AoR CRB 148 Any large equipment, vehicle, or droid that the character owns has one or more hidden compartments for smuggling appropriately sized gear. The number of compartments is up to the player, but cannot be enough to hold a total encumbrance value of items more than the character''s ranks in Hidden Storage. The size of the compartments are proportional to the size of the vehicle or droid in question. Most humanoid droids can only hold items equivalent in size to a one-handed weapon, whereas a silhouette 4 starship could conceal humanoids within its compartments. Any checks to detect these compartments have a Formidable difficulty.
Gearhead [Droid Specialist] 1 AoR CRB 148 Remove 1 Setback per rank of Gearhead from all Mechanics checks. In addition, the credit cost to add mods to attachments decreases by 50%. This does not increase with multiple ranks of Gearhead.
Physical Training [Clone Trooper], [Species] 2 AoR CRB 154 The character adds 1 Boost per rank of Physical Training to his Athletics and Resilience checks.
Combat Veteran [Clone Veteran] 2 CotR 38 The character adds 1 Boost to their Brawl and Discipline checks equal to their ranks in Combat Veteran.
Multiple Opponents [Clone Veteran] CotR 42 The character adds 1 Boost to their Brawl, Melee, and Lightsaber combat checks when engaged with multiple opponents. This includes single groups of multiple minions.
Clanker Killer [CT], [CV] 3 RotS 38 Before rolling a combat check that targets a droid (including a droid vehicle or a vehicle piloted by a droid), the character may remove Boost up to their ranks in clanker Killer from the pool, and add an equal number of Success or Advantage (in any combination) to the results.
Improved Clanker Killer [CV] CotR 37 When making a Brawl or Melee combat check targeting a droid, the character treats their attack's critical rating as being 1 lower per rank of Clanker Killer (to a minimum of 1).
Brace [Clone Trooper], [Gear] 2 AoR CRB 143 As a maneuver, the character may Brace himself. This allows a character to remove 1 Setback per rank of Brace from the next skill check based on changing conditions, inclement weather, unstable surfaces, zero gravity, or other disruptive physical obstacles that would make a skill check more difficult.
Improved Brace [Clone Trooper] RotS 38 When the character performs the Brace maneuver, they may choose one environmental circumstance. The benefits of Brace apply to that circumstance until the end of the encounter. (This benefit is not cumulative with further uses of the Brace maneuver, although the character may select additional circumstances with subsequent uses.)
Repair Patch Specialization 1 AoR FO 31 Whenever the character uses an emergency repair patch, the target heals an additional wound per rank of Repair Patch Specialization. The sixth emergency repair path and beyond each day still have no effect. If the character is a droid, it may use this talent when using a patch on itself.
Rapid Reaction 2 AoR CRB 154 The character may suffer a number of Strain to add an equal number of Success to any Vigilance or Cool check to determine initiative order. The number may not exceed his ranks in Rapid Reaction.
Suppressing Fire 2 RotS 43 The character and each ally within short range may spend Advantage on their failed combat checks to inflict 1 strain on their respective targets per rank of Suppressing Fire. Each character can only activate this effect once per round.
Design Flaw 2 AoR FO 30 When making a combat check with a personal scale weapon against a droid, the character adds Advantage equal to his ranks in Design Flaw.
Lethal Blows 2 AoR CRB 151 The character adds +10 per rank of Lethal Blows to any Critical Injury rolls inflicted on opponents.
Deadly Accuracy 1 AoR CRB 145 The character may add his ranks in Ranged (Heavy) as additional damage to one hit of a successful Ranged (Heavy) attack made with non-starship/vehicle weapons.
Reroute Processors AoR FO 31 Once per encounter, the character may perform the Reroute Processors action on a droid he is engaged with by making an Average Computers check. If successful, the character decreases one of the droid's characteristics by one (to a minimum of 0) until the end of the encounter and increases another of its characteristics by one (to a maximum of 7) until the end of the encounter. If the character is a droid, it may perform this action on itself.
Known Programming CotR 41 Once per session, the character may choost a single model of droid that they have encountered before and make a Hark Vigilance check. If the check is successful, minion and rival droids of that type upgrade the difficulty of their checks targeting the character, plus one ally per success after the first, once for the rest of the encounter.
Improved Known Programming CotR 41 Allies affecter by Known Programming also upgrade the ability of their checks targeting the chosen droid model once.
Survivor's Instincts CotR 44 Once per session after the character suffers a Critical Injury but before the result is rolled, they may spend 1 Destiny Point. Then, the attacker must roll two results for the Critical Injury and the player chooses which will apply to the character.
Lateral Thinking RotS 40 Once per encounter after an enemy succeeds on a check targeting the character, the character may spend one Destiny Point to force the enemy to reroll the check. If the enemy is a droid, the character does not spend a Destiny Point to use this talent.
Master Artisan AoR FO 31 Once per round, the character may coluntarily suffer 2 strain to decrease the difficulty of his next Mechanics check (or his next check to build or mod an item) by one, to a minimum of Easy.
Natural Trooper RotS 40 Once per game session, the character may reroll any one Gunnery or Ranged (Heavy) check.





Other Notes

Brawn (3) 30XP
Agility (3) 30XP
Intellect (3) 30XP
Total: 90XP
Species Bonus:
Physical Training, Knowledge (Warfare), Resilience
Career Skills:
Computers, Mechanics, Vigilance, Ranged (Light)
Spec Skills:
Computers, Mechanics
Ranged (Heavy) (3) 5XP, 10XP, 15XP (30)
Melee (3) 5XP, 10XP, 15XP (30)
Brawl (2) 10XP, 15XP (25)
Vigilance (2) 10XP (10)
Discipline (2) 10XP, 15XP (25)
Cool (3) 5XP, 10XP, 15XP (30)
Athletics (1) 5XP (5)
Total: 155XP
Droid Specialist (starting spec):
Design Flaw (A1) 5XP
Grit (A3) 5XP
Toughened (A4) 5XP
Hidden Storage (B1) 10XP
Gearhead (C1) 15XP
Design Flaw (2) (D1) 20XP
Repair Patch Specialization (E1) 25XP
Master Artisan (E2) 25XP
Reroute Processors (E3) 25XP
Dedication (E4) 25XP
Total: 160XP
Clone Trooper (30XP):
Grit (2) (A1) 5XP
Physical Training (2) (A2) 5XP
Toughened (2) (A3) 5XP
Brace (A4) 5XP
Suppressing Fire (B1) 10XP
Clanker Killer (B2) 10XP
Armor Master (C1) 15XP
Deadly Accuracy (C2) 15XP
Suppressing Fire (2) (C3) 15XP
Improved Brace (C4) 15XP
Clanker Killer (2) (D2) 20XP
Enduring (D3) 20XP
Improved Armor Master (E1) 25XP
Natural Trooper (E2) 25XP
Dedication (2) (E3) 25XP
Lateral Thinking (E4) 25XP
Total: 270XP
Clone Veteran (40XP):
Grit (3) (A2) 5XP
Toughened (3) (A3) 5XP
Quick Draw (A4) 5XP
Combat Veteran (B1) 10XP
Toughened (4) (B2) 10XP
Clanker Killer (3) (B3) 10XP
Rapid Reaction (B4) 10XP
Lethal Blows (C2) 15XP
Improved Clanker Killer (C3) 15XP
Combat Veteran (2) (C4) 15XP
Multiple Opponents (D1) 20XP
Rapid Reaction (2) (D2) 20XP
Known Programming (D3) 20XP
Lethal Blows (2) D4) 20XP
Survivor's Instincts (E2) 25XP
Improved Known Programming (E3) 25XP
Dedication (3) (E4) 25XP
Total: 295XP
Engineer Signature Ability: ...The Harder They Fall (30XP):
Increase Number (A1) 10XP
Change Skill (A2) 10XP
Increase Number (2) (A3) 10XP
Ignore Defenses (A4) 10XP
Ignore Defenses (2) (B1) 15XP
Destiny (B2) 15XP
Reduce Difficulty (B3) 15XP
Frequency (B4) 15XP
Total: 130XP
Grand Total: 1100XP

Phase II Clone Trooper Armor (1)
DC-15a (3/0 [Integrated Holsters])
Ion Pike (2/0 [Integrated Holsters])
(3) EMP Mk. II Grenades (3)
M8 Combat Knife (1/0 [Integrated Holsters])
Vibro-knucklers (2/0 [Integrated Holsters])
Datapad (1)
6, 7, or 8

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