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Raptor 2

Galactic Empire Ship (Tie/Pr "Protector")

Saber 2

SFL Landspeeder (TX-130 )

Vector 2

SFL Ship (BTS-A2 Long-Range Strike Fighter/Bomber)

Spectre 4

SFL Ship (RZ-1 "A-Wing" Light Interceptor)

Dagger 2

Unknown Ship (Incom P-26 Heavy Lancer StarFighter)

Boltens Bulwark

Unknown Ship (G1-A Heavy Starfighter)

Boltens Blaze

Unknown Ship (R-60 T-wing)

The Gaze of Steel

Galactic Empire Ship (Surveyor Class Recon Frigate)

The Enforcer

Corperate Sector Authority Ship (Invincible Class Dreadnought )

The Impounder

Galactic Empire Ship (Converted Imperial Customs Carrier)

The Lost Arc

Rebel Alliance Ship (Vigil class Corvette)

Lucky 1

Pirate Ship (Y-wing)

Venom 1

Pirate Ship (T-wing)

The Bright Ember

Rebel Alliance Ship (Assualt Frigate mark ii)

The Jackdaw

Pirate Ship (Marauder-Class Assualt Corvette)

Blind Watcher

Unknown Ship (C-ROC Gonzati-class light cruiser )

The Revenant (SFL)

SFL Ship (MC30c Torpedo Frigate)


Redacted Ship (Redacted)

Correlian Escort Frigate

Unknown Ship (CF-140 Correlian Light Frigate )

The Indomitable (GoS) [Damaged]

Rebel Alliance Ship (Goliath Class Heavy Assault Carrier)

The Meteor (SFL)

SFL Ship (EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate)

The Indomitable

Rebel Alliance Ship (Goliath Class Heavy Assault Carrier)

The Gundarks Shadow

Steelwater Ship (Vengeance class Frigate)

The Asgard

SFL Ship (CR90 Corvette )

The Reaver

Steelwater Ship (Reaver class Battlecruiser )


Steelwater Ship (Unknown)


Galactic Empire Ship (Tyrant class missile cruiser)

The jagged razor

Rebel Alliance Ship (Liberator class cruiser)

The Insidious

Galactic Empire Ship (Gladiator Class Star Destroyer/Patrol Carrier Variant)

Bothans Pride

Rebel Alliance Ship (Bothan Assault Frigate)

Flying Brick

CIS Ship (Longhorn Class Escort Destroyer)


Rebel Alliance Ship (Citadel Frieghter)


Frontier Militia Ship (Converted Super Tanker)

The Colossus

IMC Remnant Fleet Ship (Hammond Class Colossus)

The Eternal Light

Followers of the Flame Ship (Maelstrom Class light cruiser)


IMC Remnant Fleet Ship (Goblin class dropship)


Frontier Militia Ship (Converted Stalwart class Super Freighter)

The Ultimatum

Frontier Militia Ship (Crusader Class Colossus)


Frontier Militia Ship (Crow Class Dropship)

Turtle 6

Frontier Militia Ship (Hornet Class Light Fighter)

The Iron Fist

IMC Remnant Fleet Ship (Draconis Class Armed Transport)

Grey 4

IMC Remnant Fleet Ship (Phantom Class Heavy Fighter)

The Reliant

IMC Remnant Fleet Ship (Andromeda Class Carrier)

MCS Trinity

Frontier Militia Ship (Macallen Class Carrier)

The Ashaton

Frontier Militia Ship (Birmingham Class Frigate)


Unknown Ship (YT-2400)

The Revenant

Unknown Ship (HWK-1000)


Unknown Other (All Terrain Recon Walker)

The Hand

CSA Ship (Dreadnought heavy cruiser)

The Guardian

CSA Ship (Etti class light cruiser)

Sweet Profit

CSA Ship (Interceptor 4 frigate)

Correlian Heavy Gunship

CSA Ship (DP-37 Heavy Gunship)

Zeta Class Shuttle

Rebel Alliance Ship (Zeta Class Shuttle )

Star Fury

Seperatist/CSA Ship (Accomplice Class MegaCarrier)

Stolen Sentinel

Rebel Alliance Ship (Sentinel class landing craft)

Zal's X-wing

Rebel Alliance Ship (T-65 X-wing)

Wound's Cradle

Rebel Alliance Ship (Modified Type 6b Transport)

The New Dawn

Rebel Alliance Ship (CC-7700/E Frigate)

The Fortitude

Rebel Alliance Ship (Maelstrom class battlecruiser)

Feral Six

Resistance Ship (B/SF-17 heavy bomber)

the Old Blalliog

Alliance to Restore the Republic Ship (Neutron Star-Class Bulk Cruiser)

The Arata

Rebel Alliance Ship (EF89 Nebulous-C Assault Frigate)

The Vengeance

Pirates Ship (DP-20)

The Phoenix

Rebel Alliance Ship (Assault Frigate Mark 1)

Viper 1

Rebel Alliance Ship (BTS-A2 H-Wing)