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Recent Characters


Harch Nemesis

Edge of the Empire

Sev'rance Tann

Chiss Nemesis

Force and Destiny


Nautolan Nemesis

Edge of the Empire


Droid Nemesis

Edge of the Empire


Noghri Bounty Hunter

Edge of the Empire


Dowutin Bounty Hunter

Edge of the Empire


Clone Clone Soldier/Commander

Age of Rebellion


Droid Engineer

Age of Rebellion

Liaison Officer Farrow Vandor

Human Spy

Age of Rebellion

Priest Cardin

Mandalorian Human Explorer

Edge of the Empire

The Melitto with No Name

Melitto Bounty Hunter

Age of Rebellion

Thall An'Tion

Bith Diplomat

Age of Rebellion


Droid Nemesis

Edge of the Empire


Krayt Dragon Nemesis

Edge of the Empire

Clone Sergeant CT-6566

Clone Soldier/Clone Soldier

Age of Rebellion

Anto Soylon

Lasat Soldier

Age of Rebellion

Tusken Tim

Tusken Raider Hired Gun

Edge of the Empire

Mister Bones

Droid Nemesis

Age of Rebellion


Droid Rival

Force and Destiny


Cerean Guardian

Force and Destiny

Imperial Flametrooper

Galactic Empire Rival

Age of Rebellion


Jawa Smuggler

Edge of the Empire


Falleen Smuggler

Edge of the Empire

Nightbrother Leader

Zabrak Nemesis

Force and Destiny


Zabrak Minion

Force and Destiny

Nightbrother Lieutenant

Zabrak Rival

Force and Destiny


Gungan Warrior

Force and Destiny


Togruta Mystic

Force and Destiny

ST-R0N-G-M-4N - Droid Bodyguard

Droid Hired Gun

Edge of the Empire

Brute Zombie

Zabrak Warrior

Force and Destiny

Mysterious NPC - Twelve

Human Sentinel

Force and Destiny


Chadra-Fan Ace

Force and Destiny


Toydarian Colonist

Edge of the Empire

Recent Vehicles

The War Rig

Groundcar (Corellian Mining Corp Digger Crawler)

Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Ship (Nubia Star Drives Incorporated N-1 Starfighter)

Blood Feud

Ship (Rendili StarDrive Hammerhead-Class Corvette)

Special Forces TIE Fighter

Imperial Remnant Ship (Sienar Fleet Systems/TIE Series)


Empire of the Hand Ship (Modified Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer)

Ark Angel VI

Ship (Heavy Duty Lifter/Bellicose-class)

Wing Point Squadron Kihraxz

Black Sun Ship (Kihraxz Light Starfighter)

The Righteous Rampage

Black Sun Ship (Hammerhead-class Corvette)

Mint Imperial

Galactic Empire Ship (VCX-100 Light Freighter)

The Affluent Blurrg

Ship (Corellian Engineering Corporation G9 Riger Light Freighter)

Onager-Class Star Destroyer

Ship (Siege Breaker Star Destroyer)

Acclamator-Class Planetary Assault Ship

Ship (Rothana Heavy Engineering Acclamator-Class Planetary Assault Ship)

Juggernaut Heavy Armoured Tank

Other (HAVW A6 Juggernaut Heavy Armoured Fighting Vehicle)


Zsinj's Empire Ship (Nightfall-Class Super Star Destroyer)


Centrax Local Forces Ship (Modified Y-64 Transport)

Carrion Spike Mk 2

Galactic Empire Ship (Custom Project Darkwing Variant)

Diligent Ronto

Independent Ship (CEC YT-2400)

Lodestar Comet

Republic Ship (Jedi Sojourner)

Aurora (Parastrel LC01)

Ship (Arquitens-class Light Cruiser)

Vulture-Class Droid Starfighter

Ship (Haor Chall Engineering Vulture Droid Starfighter)

Hailfire Tank

Groundcar (Haor Chall Engineering IG-227 Hailfire Tank)

Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser

Galactic Empire Ship (Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser)

The Halberd

Predator Squadron Ship (Custom Starfighter - Tobin Stryder Design)


Project Parastrel Ship (Slayn & Korpil V-19 Torrent Starfighter)

The Parastrel-HF01

Project Parastrel Ship (Temple-Class Heavy Freighter)

Star Commuter 2000

Civilian Transport Ship (Sacul Industries Star Commuter 2000)

Leviat's Peak

Galactic Empire Ship (Theed Engineering Custom Hauler Mk VIII)

Stolen Airspeeder

Galactic Empire Ship (Custom T-17 Prototype Skyhopper)

Raider II-Class Corvette

Galactic Empire Ship (Raider II-Class Corvette)

Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

Galactic Empire Ship (Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer)

Wren's Fury

New Republic Intelligence Ship (YT-2000)

TIE Vector

Galactic Empire Ship (TIE/V - TIE Vector)

TIE Mangler

Empire Ship (TIE Mangler)


Inquisitor Ship (Barrage Gunship)

Golan Defence Platform

Galactic Empire Other (Golan I Space Defence Platform)

Stolen TIE Brute

Ravik's Empire Ship (TIE/rb MK II - TIE Brute)

Angel's Tear

Ship (Rendili Stardrive Neutron Star-Class Bulk Cruiser)

The Skeleton Key

New Republic Ship (Wraith Class Frigate)


Rebel Alliance Ship (Slayn & Korpil A/SF-01 B-Wing)

BTL-S3 Y-Wing

Rebel Alliance Ship (Koensayr Manufacturing BTL-S3 Y-Wing)

Stray Serendipity

The Syndicate Ship (Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft)

SF-15 - 2

New Republic Ship (MG-100 StarFortres SF-15)

SF-15 - 1

New Republic Ship (MG-100 StarFortres SF-15)